Heath Herring responds to Brock Lesnar, talks past, present and future about his career

Just recently on the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast, former UFC champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar recounted some of his fondest memories inside the Octagon, including his second fight with the promotion where he took on ‘The Texas Crazy Horse’ Heath Herring.

Lesnar remembered a lot about the night he got his first UFC win, but he also mentioned getting fired up just before walking out when he heard someone from Herring’s camp say something that stuck in his mind after stepping into the cage with him.

"The funny thing about this fight, we shared a locker room, me and Heath Herring, his locker room was across the hall. As a competitor your whole life, you don’t want to fight off of aggression. You don’t want to wrestle off of aggression, it’s a competition. You want to go out cool, calm and collected," Lesnar explained.

"Everything was fine until his entrance music hit and on their way past my locker room, he said ‘I’m going to show this (expletive) that this (expletive) is real. That lit a fire under my ass."

Lesnar said those words carried him through the performance and to this day he doesn’t begrudge Herring for having those feelings and actually hoped the former UFC and PRIDE Fighting veteran was doing well.

"I’d like to talk to that guy," Lesnar said. "I hope he’s doing well and everything. He never fought again."

This week on the Great MMA Debate podcast, Herring joins the show to respond to Lesnar and also look back at some of his favorite days fighting in the UFC and PRIDE.

In regards to the comments from Lesnar on the night of their fight, Herring knows for a fact that he wasn’t the person responsible for making the comments during his walk to the Octagon, and to this day — seven years later — he still hates the perception that he could actually say something like that about an opponent.

"It wasn’t me. It’s also something I’m not really proud of and unfortunately we can’t control everybody that’s with us," Herring explained. "The buck definitely stops with me if it’s somebody in my entourage. I’ve always tried to behave as an athlete should, as a gentleman should in the ring. That’s just kind of my upbringing. That’s something that’s always kind of bothered me. I’m really embarrassed about that to be honest with you that somebody behaved like that. It reflects poorly on me."

Herring says he’s fairly sure he knows the person responsible for making the comment towards Lesnar, but it’s never sat well with him that a former opponent felt like he was disrespectful before a fight because that’s not who he was as a fighter.

Either way, Herring takes responsibility for the actions that happened from someone in his camp, but it’s still regrettable that it happened in the first place.

"Did I say anything? No," Herring revealed. "There may have been somebody in my entourage that said something and I might know who it was and that’s just being honest, but I never acted that way. There might have been someone in the group that said something."

Herring will also talk about some of his favorite moments fighting in Japan as well as his return there scheduled for later this year plus so much more.

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