UFC fighter Darrell Horcher ‘grateful to be alive’ after horrific motorcycle accident

photo courtesy of Brian Butler, Suckerpunch Entertainment. 

UFC lightweight Darrell Horcher was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident this past Wednesday night that left the fighter’s bike mangled and torn after a car pulled out in front of him near his home in Pennsylvania.

According to Horcher’s manager, Brian Butler of Suckerpunch Entertainment, the UFC fighter hit the Jeep that pulled out in front of him and he flew 240 feet while skidding on the pavement below.

There’s no helmet law in Pennsylvania for motorcycle riders, but Horcher was wearing his when he got hit. Otherwise, his manager believes the fighter probably wouldn’t have survived.

photo courtesy of Brian Butler, Suckerpunch Entertainment

"He’s grateful to be alive," Butler said about the accident when speaking to FOX Sports.

While his motorcycle was destroyed, Horcher only suffered minor injuries in comparison as he walked away with a broken arm, torn ligaments in his ankle and a huge amount of road rash after sliding on the pavement after the crash.

Horcher, who has been a motorcycle enthusiast for quite some time, has decided after this very scary crash to sell both of his bikes and vowed not to ride again any time soon.

photo courtesy of Brian Butler, Suckerpunch Entertainment

As far as his return to action, Horcher just recently signed with the UFC where he accepted a short notice fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at FOX UFC Fight Night in Orlando.

The motorcycle accident will likely sideline the up-and-coming lightweight for approximately six to eight months while he recovers from the ordeal.

The good news is Horcher is expected to make a full recovery, but he’s currently in the hospital following the accident.