UFC Fight Night 103: Tony Martin defeats Alex White

Here is how the UFC Fight Night 103 preliminary fight between Alex White and Tony Martin played out

On paper, lightweights Alex White and Tony Martin have had very similar mixed martial arts careers. Sunday night from Phoenix, the fighters will compete to see who the better fighter is.

Alex White began his career in November 2010, and holds a 11-2 record with nine finishes. The 28-year old has four knockouts and five submissions to his name. But White has lost two of his past three fights. Martin last win came 11 months ago, over Artem Lobov. White was supposed to fight in July, but injury forced him to the sidelines. White made the decision to move up to lightweight for this fight.

Tony Martin is a year younger than White, but has 13 career fights. Martin holds a 10-3 record with eight submission finishes. Debuted in the UFC in February 2014, Martin has fought five times for the promotion. In his past five fights, Martin is 2-3. Martin’s last victory was January 30, 2016. Martin was originally scheduled to fight in July, but he was forced to pull out with a neck injury

Martin and White are both coming off of wins. But both fighters have been inactive for close to a year. Sunday’s fight serves a career reset for the two fighters. White and Martin both weighed in at 155 lbs. However, Martin has a two-inch reach advantage.

Round One:

Tony Martin immediately opens up round one with a hard right hand to White’s head. The two engage in a clinch on the cage when maybe the most unusual thing you will see in a mixed martial arts fight occurred.

The referee had to call a stoppage because Martin’s cup broke. After a few minutes, Martin’s corner is able to replace the broken cup. “They tell you to bring two mouth guards, but I’m not sure about two cups… I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this,” said light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who was on commentary.

Action resumed following the stoppage. White blocks Martin’s initial take down attempt. But eventually Martin brings him down. Martin attempts a kimura from top position, but can not get it locked in. Martin shifts from half guard to side control, landing a few strikes as he attempts to get in a better position to attempt a submission. Martin moves to three-quarters mount and lands a right hand. To close the round, Martin lands a big right hand.

FanSided scores it: 10-9 Martin

Round Two:

White lands a leg kick in the early goings of round two. White follows up with a right hook and a kick to Martin’s body. But Martin lands a take down to stop any momentum that White was building. Martin lands a few right hands as he shifts to half-guard. Martin again controls the round from the ground. White manages to make it his feet before the round ends, but misses with a right hand.

FanSided scores it: 10-9 Martin

Round Three:

After successfully taking down White in the first two rounds, Martin attempts another take down. The two clinch against the cage. White scores with a right hook. Martin retreats after another right hand, favoring his eye. His corner complains of an eye poke. Martin and White against clinch against the cage. Martin controls the grappling again.

FanSided scores it: 10-9 Martin

Official Scorecard: Martin defeats White – Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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