UFC Fight Night 103: Joachim Christensen knockouts Bojan Mihajlovic

Here is how the light heavyweight fight between Joachim Christensen and Bojan Mihajlovic at UFC Fight Night 103 played out.

Joachim Christensen and Bojan Mihajlovic both entered the octagon in Phoenix on Sunday night looking to capture their first victory in the UFC. Christensen lost his debut fight in October. While Mihajlovic lost his first UFC fight in July.

The 38 year-old Christensen is born, and fights out of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Despite being in his late thirties, Christensen has only fought 17 professional fights. Christensen is 13-4, with four knockouts and five submission victories.

Mihajlovic is a Serbian born, 36-years old fighter with 14 career fights. Mihajlovic owns a 10-4 record. Including four knockouts and two submissions finishes. Mihajlovic lost his first three professional fights. After winning his next ten fights, the UFC signed him to a contract. After competing at heavyweight, Mihajlovic decided to drop down a weight class.

Both fighters weighed in at the 205 lb weight limit. But Christensen is four inches taller and has a three-inch reach advantage. Christensen also has a two-inch leg reach advantage.

Round One:

The first round got off to a slow start. Both fighters touched gloves and circled each other. Both fighters exchanged kicks and punches, but none were particularly impactful. Christensen blocks Mihajlovic’s kick and lands a right uppercut. Mihajlovic is sent the canvas, and Christensen instantly gains top position. The majority of the round would be spent on the ground, with Christensen landing his share of punches and elbows. The referee stands up both fighters with about 40 seconds left in the round. Mihajlovic lands a right hand and the action starts to open up as Christensen lands a combination.

FanSided scores it: 10-9 Christensen

Round Two:

Christensen starts the round with a combination and is taking advantage of his reach advantage. Mihajlovic clinches but Christensen lands a body shot. After the clinch is broken, Mihajlovic throws a right hand. Christensen counters with a right kick, which lands unintentionally low. The referee separates the fighters to opposite corners and gives Mihajlovic time to recover.

After the round restarts, both fighters touch gloves. Mihajlovic lands his best combination of the fight and lands a leg kick. But Christensen closes out the round landing another knee while in a clinch.

FanSided scores it: 10-9 Christensen

Round Three:

Both fighters hug to start the round. Christensen attempts a takedown, but Mihajlovic uses the fence to prevent the takedown. While in another clinch, Christensen lands another right knee to the body. The fighters separate and Mihajlovic lands a good strike. But Christensen ducks under his follow-up attempts and lands a huge right uppercut. Mihajlovic is sent backwards, and hits his head against the fence. The referee runs in and stops the fight before Christensen can do any further damage.

Official Scorecard: Christensen defeats Mihajlovic – Knockout 2:05 of Round 3

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