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Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs Alexander


Round 3:

Shogun tags Gustafsson with a firm left-hand but the Swede is

able to walk through it – he really has answered any questions

about his previously untested chin. A messy exchanges leads to

Shogun giving up his back but Gustafsson is not able to

capitalized.The threat posed by Shogun’s leglocks really has

stopped Gustafsson impose a wrestling-led game in this fight.

Gustafsson hurts Shogun with a liver shot and the veteran has

slowed right down. Gustafsson starts punishing the former UFC and

Pride Champion in much the same way MacDonald did to Penn, just

methodically using his size advantage and more varied offense to

dissect the older man. Like MacDonald he doesn’t take the risks

necessary to finish the fight so Shogun gets to hear the final

bell. The judges all have it to Gustafsson 30-27 (as do I) in what

ended up as one-sided a fight as expected despite a surprisingly

competitive opening round.

Official Result: Alexander Gustafsson defeated

Shogun Rua via uanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Round 2:

Shogun starts the fight aggressively, marching forward and

landing overhand rights on the chin of the larger man. Gustafsson

standing up to the haymakers well. He goes for a takedown but

Shogun does well to resist. Shogun eats another overhand right,

then looks to use it to set up a takedown. However Gustafsson

reverses and ends up in top position. Gustafsson lets the fight go

back to the feet. Shogun makes him pay for that decision by really

tagging him immediately afterwards. Gustafsson fires back with a

takedown but Shogun quickly gets back to his feet. The two jockey

for position with Shogun actually threatening with a takedown.

Gustafsson gets another takedown but can’t keep Shogun down.

Gustafsson mounts his most effective offense of the fight towards

the end with his knees and uppercuts being particularly impressive.

Shogun’s face is starting to tell the story of the fight.

Score: 10-9 Gustafsson

Score so far: 20-18 Gustafsson

Round 1:

Gustafsson just dwarfs Shogun – its incredible to think they are

the same weight class. The fight starts out hot with Gustafsson

knocking down Shogun, threatening to finishing the Brazilian early.

However Shogun is able to counter by grabbing a hold of the leg and

going for a leglock! Gustafsson in real danger of being submitted

but the Swede eventually manages to escape. Shogun still looking to

attack the legs but Gustafsson able to evade. Gustafsson takes

Shogun down, but doesn’t impose himself on the ground. Shogun back

on his feet and knocks Gustafsson down! Gustafsson gets back up and

doing a good using his reach advantage to outpoint Shogun. Looks

for a takedown towards the end but can’t get it. Crazy opening

round – very back and forth action there. However Gustafsson has

the slight advantage to earn the 10-9 on my scorecard.

Score: 10-9 Gustafsson

BJ Penn vs Rory MacDonald

Round 3:

For a man often derided as a front-runner Penn does an admirable

job in digging dip to mount some real offense at the beginning of

the final round. He pushes MacDonald and threatens with a takedown.

But MacDonald was more than equal to the task. A slight slip does

not derail MacDonald’s momentum. Penn’s second wind seems to have

passed with MacDonald now able to easily keep things ticking over

while striking from distance. What he is not doing is putting

together the sustained offense to put Penn in danger of being

stopped, like he did in the second. It would seem that MacDonald

has settled for a decision victory and so the fight is somewhat

petering out. MacDonald taunting Penn as the fight ends with Penn

having been totally outfought. What was most impressive was the way

MacDonald’s striking has matured – the gaps in his technique that

were still evident against Che Mills were long gone.

Interesting interview with Rory MacDonald; he challenges Carlos

Condit and engages in some low-level swearing.

Official Result: Rory MacDonald defeated BJ Penn

via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)


Round 2:

MacDonald lands the first major blow of the second round with

another standing elbow. The fight is becoming a more brutal replay

of the Penn vs. Diaz with the veteran being backed up against the

cage by the pulverizing offense of the younger fighter. Penn does

fire back with a right hand but MacDonald is just on another level

tonight. MacDonald corners him against the cage and just starts

destroying the former champion. Liver punches, kicks to the body,

short punches to the head, high kicks are all deployed in a

blistering one-side exchange that has the fight on the brink of

being stopped. MacDonald starts showboating before taking Penn down

with authority. The fight ends with Penn all but beaten. This is

promising to be an even more emphatic defeat than the Diaz


Score: 20-18, MacDonald

Round 1:

BJ Penn starts out as the aggressor. Tries to repeat his tactics

against Jon Fitch where he tried to catch the wrestler off guard by

going for a takedown – MacDonald able to block easily. MacDonald

attempts a takedown but can’t get it. MacDonald doing a good job of

striking against Penn from range – landing jabs and kicks from a

safe distance. Penn not wilting under pressure however, doing a

good job in threatening with overhand punches. Rogan makes the good

point that Penn is looking to punish MacDonald for dropping his

hands. Penn backs MacDonald up and briefly gets him off his feet.

Penn has MacDonald tied up against the cage but MacDonald reverses

the positions. MacDonald lands a nice elbow on the separation.

MacDonald lands a good body shot. MacDonald goes for a takedown and

Penn just manages to stay on his feet. Penn not looking good here.

MacDonald starting to hurt Penn here – the Prodigy is bleeding from

the mouth. The Canadian is really pouring it on as the round ends –

Penn is going to do well to make it to the final bell let alone


Score: 10-9 to MacDonald

Mike Swick vs Matt Brown

Round 2:

They exchange on the feet as we begin with Brown backing Swick

up with a standing elbow. They’re up against the cage but quickly

separate. And then quickly end back up against the cage. Swick

lands an elbow on the separation. Swick again pushes Brown up

against the cage as he struggles unsuccessfully for a takedown.

They separate again and Swick does not comfortable standing against

Brown. Swick misses with a lunging shot and is put on the defensive

by a jab from Brown. Swick drops his hands and is made to pay for

it – thunderous left hook followed by a right hand by Brown. Swick

is done! Tremendous knockout that brought a fight back to life that

after a slightly lethargic start to the second round.

Official Result: Matt Brown defeated Mike Swick

via knockout at 2:31 of the second round

Round 1:

Here we go! Mike Swick for obvious reasons looks very slender

compared to Matt Brown. Feeling out process to start, with both

fighters threatening with offense but not connecting. Brown gets

the takedown and starts working the submission. Working for a

D’Arce choke, gets it locked in. Swick doing well to mitigate the

pressure and manages to survive. With Swick’s head now free he gets

to push the action from top position. However, before he can get

his ground and pound going, Brown starts working for a triangle.

Great work off the back from Brown. Swick again showing very

intelligent defensive grappling but he’s in a bad position. Brown

looking to add an armbar to the triangle. Swick manages to roll out

and briefly threatens with a choke. But Brown manages to get back

to his feet. What a terrific five minutes of grappling. Superb


Score: 10-9 Brown

Yves Edwards vs Jeremy Stephens

Round 1:

Both guys come out fairly tentative, not throwing a lot. Leg

kick from Stephens is caught and Edwards goes for the takedown,

Stephens defends well and back to their feet. Stephens is throwing

straight down the middle and Edwards moving backwards as soon as he

sees him throw any punches. Edwards with a big strike and Stephens

goes down, Edwards pours it on and Stephens is out at 1:55 of the

first round.

Official Result: Yves Edwards wins via TKO at 1:55

of the first round.

Raphael Assuncao vs Mike Easton

Round 3:

Easton comes out aggressive again as he’s fighting like

he’s down on the scorecards. Raphael is looking for counters

and has found his range against him. Easton is throwing

aggressively but not connecting as Raphael is countering him well.

He goes for a takedown and gets deep on a single but Easton is

defending it wonderfully. He tries to spin him down but Easton

defends it and is back on his feet at the end of the spin. Circles

away and Raphael again with the takedown, goes for a double and

then lets it go for a body lock against the cage. Spin away from

the cage as Easton is throwing wild with everything he has; Raphael

with another takedown attempt but Easton is defending it

wonderfully. Raphael is using the cage but backs out after being

unable to finish the takedown. Raphael’s counters are really

good at this point as Easton goes for a double leg out of

desperation that doesn’t finish. Round ends with some light


Score: 10-9 Assuncao

Score So Far: 29-28 Assuncao

Official Result: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 Raphael Assuncao

Round 2:

Easton starts out a bit more aggressive in his movements in the

second as Raphael is countering well. Easton is a bit cautious in

throwing, though, as Raphael is countering much more effectively

this round. Wheel kick looks pretty from Raphael but doesn’t

hit. Easton backs him against the cage with movement and the two

throw wildly, not missing much, as Raphael lands a knee south of

the border. Time to take a break as Easton recovers.

Easton lands a nice combination to start; apparently getting

kicked in the nuts charged him up a bit. Raphael is being more

aggressive with his movements as Easton is moving backwards more

often than in the round. Raphael is landing more leg kicks and

Easton goes for the double, sprawl by Raphael and he gets away.

Spinning back fist and Easton can’t connect with a


Score: 10-9 Assuncao

Score So Far: 19-19, even

Round 1:

Raphael opens with a nice spin kick, Easton moves out with

footwork and goes for one of his own that doesn’t hit.

He’s look for the counter against Raphael, answering a kick

with a beautiful combination. He’s hitting some nice

combinations here, everything’s nice and crisp. Raphael has

found his timing because Easton is pressing forward relentlessly;

Easton is being more aggressive because Raphael isn’t

throwing off his back foot like he was earlier in the round. Head

kick from Raphael misses and Easton misses the counter hook.

Raphael is moving out of the way as Easton’s aggression is

being countered for fairly well by Raphael. After a strike or two

he moves out of the way; Easton isn’t getting wild though.

Raphael goes for a double with a minute left but Easton works his

way out of it wonderfully. Raphael cage dances with Easton to

finish the round, a break in the action with a handful of seconds


Score: Easton 10-9

Ramsey Nijem vs Joe Proctor

Round 3:

Nijem with a nice body shot followed by a nice overhand right to

start the round. Some light brawling and Ramsey with a takedown

attempt, Proctor goes for an armbar off his back and looks for a

kimura but can’t finish that either. Proctor wall walks but

Nijem holds him against the cage as he goes for a mount. He’s

working the body but he’s looking for a guillotine of his

own. Ramsey takes back and Proctor explodes up to his feet, Proctor

goes for another guillotine but slips out and lands in full guard.

Ramsey is using light ground and pound and Proctor back to his feet

and grabs the back as he goes for an armbar. Ramsey stacks him up

and loses it as Nijem tees off on him with nothing of real power.

He’s not quite gassed but getting there. Proctor gets back as

Nijem loses position; both to their feet and round ends as

they’re throwing with no regard.

Score: Nijem 10-9

Score So Far: Nijem 30-28

Official Result: Nijem by unanimous decision

(30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 2:

Both guys come out throwing but not connecting with a lot of

powerful shots. Ramsey is connecting with low leg kicks more as

Proctor is defending up top much more than checking kicks. Ramsey

is throwing some nice inside leg kicks; not connecting with a lot

of punches but some nice strikes with his feet. His hand siIjem

stands up out of it immediately, scramble and Proctor goes for a

front choke, Nijem pressed against the cage. Proctor is cranking

this but can’t finish; he loses it as he goes for mount but

keeps the front headlock. Ramsey fights out of it and grabs a

double but Proctor works it for a good chunk of time. Proctor with

a kimura from bottom that can’t connect, round ends with

Nijem landing some slight strikes from top.

Score: Nijem 10-9

Score So Far: Nijem 20-19

Round 1:

Wild brawling to start and Ramsey goes for a takedown, Proctor

grabs a guillotine and holds it against the cage. Proctor with a

couple of nice knees as Ramsey is clinging to that single. Lets it

go and they start throwing down. Ramsey is really using distance

well against Proctor, who’s a good chunk taller. Jumping push

kick to the body and Ramsey is pouring it on, circles around and

gets back. Ramsey is pouring on the strikes with his left while

working for the RNC with his right. Ramsey pulls him to the ground

and then turns it into mount, hip escape by Proctor and back to

their feet as Ramsey pushes him to the cage with a double. Proctor

is going for the guillotine and is taken to the ground, Ramsey

transitioning to the back again and gets rolled to his feet. Ramsey

is pouring it on and Proctor catches him with a big strike and

Ramsey is down on the counter. Proctor gets on top and into

Ramsey’s half guard. Round ends as Proctor looks for the

guillotine but can’t quite sink it from a front headlock.

Score: 10-10

Daron Cruickshank vs Henry Martinez

Round 2:

Martinez comes out and goes for the takedown again, in deep on a

single but against the cage. Cruickshank defends it well, circles

away and lights up Martinez again. How is this kid standing right

now? Cruickshank has landed a ton and the pace has slowed down

considerably. Cruickshank is throwing a lot of nuanced kicks here;

lots of variety to them. And then a head kick at 2:56 knocks

Martinez out.

Official Result: Cruickshank wins by KO at 2:56 of

the second round

Round 1: Martinez comes out going for a takedown

and grabs a singl eafter eating some body shots from Cruickshank.

Nothing much happens as it stalls out and a break from the ref;

they both come out just winging strikes at one another and Martinez

goes for the takedown again against the cage, Cruickshank defending

well while going for a kimura. He lets go and another wild exchange

from the two. Martinez eats a big knee and then an uppercut, misses

a wheel kick as his face is bloodied up. Big body shot and Martinez

is hurt and Cruickshank pours it on, just teeing off on him.

Martinez roars back with another flurry and we’re back to the

middle of the cage. Some light feeling out moments for some time as

Cruickshank with a wheel kick to the body. Another combination

followed by a flurry from Cruickshank, flying knee and Martinez

responds in kind. Wild finish to the round.

Score: 10-9 Cruickshank

Marcus LeVesseur vs Abel Trujillo

Round 2:

Interesting change as LeVesseur comes out throwing. Trujillo

throws a kick that gets caught, wild scramble and LeVesseur with a

guillotine that turns into a north south choke. Trujillo rolls out

and another scramble, Trujillo with some wild strikes, LeVesseur

with a monster uppercut that drops Trujillo. Trujillo is dropped

and LeVesseur dives into his guard and lands some big strikes.

Trujillo rolls to his stomach and on his knees, Levesseur grabs his

back and lands some strikes. Trujillo back to his feet and cage

dance for a bit. LeVesseur backs off and back to the middle of the

cage. LeVesseur with a single and Trujillo fights him off and then

pulls his leg off, then goes to back. Trujillo is landing some

MASSIVE knees to the body as Trujillo isn’t doing anything to

defend. Fight is stopped at 3:57.

Official Result: Abel Trujillo wins via TKO at

3:57 of the second round.

Round 1:

LeVesseur comes out and gets the takedown right out the gate and

is on Trujillo like white on rice. Trujillo back on his feet but

LeVesseur will not quit on the takedown as Trujillo fights off with

downward elbows. He’s fighting it off well and they play the

cage dance game. Broken up quickly by the ref and back to the

middle so LeVesseur can go for the takedown some more. Trujillo

lands a big uppercut and LeVesseur back to the takedown and gets

it, Trujillo on his feet as LeVesseur has back for a moment and

back to the cage for some more cage dancing. Trujillo makes

LeVesseuer eat a big knee to the head and some elbows as he’s

like a dog with a bone on that leg. He’s just getting lit up

on strikes while he goes for that takedown; ref breaks it up again.

Trujillo with a big flying knee and LeVesseur goes for a

desperation takedown, rides out the round as the cobwebs are

probably still there.

Score: Trujillo 10-9

Dennis Siver vs Nam Phan

Round 3:

Siver comes out and we start similar to the first two rounds as

Siver uses his leg kicks to keep him at bay. 30 seconds in Siver

grabs another double and Phan is in half guard, playing defense.

Siver is looking for a head arm triangle as Siver is throwing some

leather onto Phan’s face. Siver goes for mount and Phan tries

to scramble, winds up in deep half guard again. Siver is unloading

on him as Phan is not doing a whole lot besides get hit in the

face. Phan is holding on in a sloppy 50/50 guard from bottom as

Siver lands some big elbows. Credit to Phan for surviving this;

Siver is mauling him like Jimmy Hettes mauled him two fights ago.

Pham spends the final minute hanging on for dear life as he’s

eating punishment for the final two minutes on his back.

Score: 10-9 Siver

Score So Far: 30-27 Siver

Official Result: 30-24,30-25,30-26 Siver

Round 2:

Siver comes out and doing the same thing but Phan is a bit more

active in throwing strikes. He’s aiming for the body but

he’s eating some punishment; he hits a nice combination but

gets dropped by a big right hook for his efforts. So far this is a

repeat of the first round but with Phan being a bit more active;

Siver is dictating the pace and making Phan pay whenever he wants

to engage. Phan is taking a lot of punishment at the midway point

of the round. Halfway through the round a sloppy double leg from

Siver works and lands in half guard. Phan is defending well as Phan

is looking for a sweep but he’s eating some elbows for his

efforts. Sive ris using position and is trying for a crucifix but

Phan is using half guard to defend it. He’s eating a lot of

strikes though as Siver is teeing off with rights as he moves into

side control. Phan tries to roll out with a hip escape but nearly

gives up back, then gives up mount as Siver is grinding him out.

Round ends as Phan is holding on for dear life.

Score: 10-9 Siver

Score So Far: 20-18, Siver

Round 1:

Siver comes out gauging distance with kicks early and is

throwing hands when Phan steps forward. Early on he’s timing

Phan’s aggressiveness right now; as soon as Phan comes within

distance he’s hitting him with good shots. He’s

following leg kicks with punches from the same side, and then

combinations; Phan is not getting into a rhythm early because Siver

is really working him over. Phan is getting eaten up here; Siver is

shell-shocked right now as Siver is just taking him apart now.

He’s moving forward but not throwing much because the German

is throwing early and often. He’s doing a kick-boxing version

of the slap boxing style that the Diaz boys do; he drops Phan with

90 seconds left, who quickly recovers. Siver with a beautiful

single leg but can’t quite finish, scramble on the TDD and

Phan eats a straight for his effort. Round ends with Siver taking

him apart some more.

Score: 10-9 Siver  

Scott Jorgensen vs John Albert

Round 1:

Jorgensen and Albert are kicking things off for UFC on FOX from

Seattle! After a quick 20 seconds Albert start a scuffle jumping in

for what could have been an early submission. Jorgensen defends and

ends up on top in full guard. After about 1 minute Albert makes an

amazing sweep, taking Jorgensen’s back. He sinks both hooks

in and starts prying at the arms. Jorgensen somehow escapes quickly

and starts delivering short elbows to Albert exacting sweet

revenge. Albert isn’t happy at all though and catches

Jorgensen in an arm triangle. As the pressure tightens, Jorgensen

twists and writhes to escape and after 60 seconds of agony he

escapes! This is an amazingly exhausting round! Jorgensen moves

into side position, but Albert twists on his back leaving Jorgensen

in full guard. At the end of the round Jorgensen sinks in a choke!

The clock counts down the final ten seconds and with .000001 on the

clock, Albert TAPS! The rear-naked choke strikes again!

Official result: Jorgensen wins via submission

(rear-naked choke) at 4:59 at Round 1

Main Card

Benson Henderson vs Nate Diaz

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs Alexander Gustafsson

BJ Penn vs Rory MacDonald

Mike Swick vs Matt Brown


Yves Edwards vs Jeremy Stephens

Raphael Assuncao vs Mike Easton

Ramsey Nijem vs Joe Proctor

Daron Cruickshank vs Henry Martinez

Marcus LeVesseur vs Abel Trujillo

Dennis Siver vs Nam Phan

Scott Jorgensen vs John Albert