UFC: Demetrious Johnson Open to Cody Garbrandt Fight

UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has told NESN.com that he is open to a superfight for the Bantamweight belt.

The UFC 125-pound champion’s full quote reads as follows:

“Yeah definitely, if the money’s right. It’s always about the money aspect of it, you know. I need to have an incentive to go up and do it, you know. When you look at the best athletes around the world – a good example is Usain Bolt – he runs the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash every single year at the Olympics, and he breaks his own record, but no one ever tells him, ‘Why don’t you run a 400? Why don’t you run a mile? I mean, you’re fast.’ Because he’s always focused on his craft, which is trying to beat his record, and that’s why I’m trying to do. I’m trying to beat my record. I’m trying to always improve myself, better myself and trying to beat Anderson Silva’s record.”

Demetrious has an excellent point. But as far as the money, there would hardly be a better move for the flyweight champ, who has struggled to gain traction among fans. Win or lose, a super-fight would give him the exposure and promotional push to make all subsequent fights significantly more lucrative. And should he win, he has the unique opportunity to surpass Conor McGregor by seizing and defending two titles simultaneously.

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However, several commentators have noted Johnson’s loss to former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz at 135. Would he be able to defeat the man who dethroned Cruz, Cody Garbrandt? Johnson is without a doubt, a much improved fighter, but he will by no means be a heavy favorite over Garbrandt, as he would be against anyone else in his frustratingly contender-starved division.

As far as the matchup, Garbrandt is a tough one. The 24-year-old is sky high and very well-rounded. He carries the “Alpha Male style” – an athletic wrestle-boxer. Only he has done what no Team Alpha Male member ever could; he defeated Cruz. This shows a versatility with that style which could mean trouble for the equally well rounded but significantly smaller Johnson.

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