UFC plans European expansion

The UFC’s global expansion will go beyond a multitude of shows

planned for Brazil in 2014 because Europe will also see the

promotion land there for several cards next year as well.

UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta


target="_blank">told the promotion’s television partner in the

United Kingdom, BT Sport, that they will be featuring several UFC

Fight Night cards across Europe next year starting with a show in

London in March 2014.

UFC president Dana White teased about a possible event in London

next year when discussing Alexander Gustafsson’s next trip to the

Octagon, and this new date now makes sense when planning the next

wave of UFC shows across the globe.

Europe has long been a market the UFC wanted to conquer, but

television deals and local governing athletic commissions have

generally been the problem with consistent timing for shows over

the past few years.

The UFC has put on several cards in England, Ireland, and

Germany, but this new expansion could lead them into many different

markets. The promotion has already teased an event in Ireland in

2014, and they’ve long desired to land in France as well.

The new ambitious expansion will be a series of UFC Fight Night

cards that Fertitta says he hopes breeds a new roster of talent

coming from Europe the same way Brazil has proved to be a hotbed of

new MMA fighters joining the organization.

“We are going to find some incredibly talented fighters from

various countries in this market that someday will probably be a

UFC champion,” Fertitta said.

More concrete plans for the expansion will likely be announced

in the coming weeks as venues and dates are locked down for the

UFC’s schedule next year.