Brazilian commission overturns Drew Dober vs. Leandro Silva to a no-contest

The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) issued a statement on Thursday announcing it has overturned the result in last week’s controversial fight between Leandro Silva and Drew Dober and the bout will be ruled a no-contest.

Dober lost the fight after he was caught in a guillotine choke by Silva in the second round and referee Eduardo Herdy stepped in and prematurely called a stop to the action. Dober never tapped out, was in no actual danger from the submission hold and was nearly out of the hold when Herdy called the fight.

Initially, the Brazilian commission stated that based on its rules and regulations it saw no way it would be able to overturn the result, but Dober and his team still filed a formal appeal, which forced CABMMA to review the situation.

According to a release from the commission on Thursday, after further review of the fight as well as an admission from Herdy that he made a mistake in judgment, it has opted to overturn the fight to a no-contest.

"After receiving a detailed technical report from Mr. Eduardo Herdy, referee in charge of the bout mentioned in the case, which in the end clearly states that his stoppage was to preserve the fighter’s integrity, being that his highest responsibility when it comes to the duty of a referee, he has admitted his professional mistake and is willingly in favor to forgo his authority in the bout," Brazilian officials said in the statement.

"Consequently, after reviewing the case, the Executive Committee presided by Mr. Rafael Favetti (Chairman & CEO) and Mr. Cristiano Sampaio (COO), has decided to overturn the result of Leandro Silva vs. Andrew Dober bout and is officially determining it as a no-contest."

The commission also announced a new provision in its guidelines for future appeals: If a referee or official admits a mistake or "self-evident error," the commission can review the facts and overturn a bout. CABMMA will also look into possible instant replay for MMA at some point down the road.

For now, Dober can celebrate that he no longer has a loss on his record due to the erroneous call by Herdy.

UFC officials have not announced if there is a rematch between Dober and Silva down the road.