Dana White: ‘I thought that Anderson Silva won’

It sure looked like Anderson Silva did enough damage to win.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The fight between Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva ended with a very close decision, but UFC president Dana White saw the result going the other way.

Bisping defeated Silva by unanimous scores of 48-47 across the board with the judges all agreeing on each round over 25 minutes. Bisping was awarded rounds one, two and four while Silva got rounds three and five.

White says scoring cage side he actually came up with the exact same score as the judges but ultimately gave the nod to Silva for the win.

"Bisping wins the decision in the end," White said after the fights concluded. "I had — and I have to watch it again, there was so much craziness going on here after the flying knee — but I believe I had it even going into the fifth round and whoever wins the fifth round wins the figh,t and I thought that Anderson Silva won. By the same score, but the other way."

The flying knee was the most controversial part of the entire fight after it appeared Silva put an end to Bisping at the close of the third round.

The confusion started when Bisping lost his mouthpiece and motioned to referee Herb Dean as if to call timeout to allow him to put it back in place. Dean told the fighters to continue, but Bisping’s distraction lead to an explosive flying knee attack from Silva.

The knee landed flush and Bisping crumbled to the canvas, seemingly bringing the fight to an end. Unfortunately, Dean never actually waived the fight off and the horn sounded, which signaled the end of the round.

"Michael Bisping was way too concerned about his mouthpiece and tried to stop the action. Andersou Silva pours it on, he hits him with this knee and boom," White described while watching the replay.

There could be a lot of fingers to point at who was at fault during that entire sequence, but Silva is likely kicking himself for landing the knockout shot and then just walking away rather than following up with more strikes.

"Walk-off knockouts are awesome — make sure the fight is over," White said. "I still haven’t seen exactly what happened, but he hit him with the knee and then walked away. Herb Dean didn’t stop the fight and then the bell rang.

"If he would have jumped on top of him, he could have finished the fight. He did not, he tried to walk away. It’s crazy."

White stands by his scorecard giving Silva the win in the end, but he says a lot of credit is due to Bisping for not only surviving that third round onslaught but also putting on the best performance of his career over a fighter arguably considered the greatest of all time.

The win not only gave Bisping the biggest victory of his career but also put him down in the history books as the second fighter in UFC history (Chris Weidman) to hand Silva a defeat.

"Bisping’s never won a world title, but he’s been around here for a very long time. Everybody gets excited when Bisping fights cause Bisping comes to fight," White said. "Bisping never backs down from a fight. He’s in your fight from the minute the fight is made until the last bell rings. It’s one of the reasons so many people love to watch him fight and so many people respect him."

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