Alan Jouban beats Matt Dwyer in three-round slugfest

Alan Jouban gets his 2nd win in a row in an outstanding fight against Matt Dwyer

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Alan Jouban lost a point early in his fight with Matt Dwyer, but he more than made up for it with a spectacular performance to kick off the UFC Fight Night card from San Diego on Wednesday night.

Walking into the fight as a massive favorite according to odds makers, Jouban came out right away and started firing at Dwyer, but it nearly cost him when his Canadian opponent landed a short punch in the first round that dropped him to one knee.

Jouban came back late in the round and stunned Dwyer but made the cardinal mistake of getting over aggressive and in the heat of the moment he leaned back and unloaded a huge knee while his opponent’s knee was still on the ground.

The illegal strike cost Jouban a point courtesy of referee Herb Dean.

In round two, Jouban felt the urgency to ensure the fight didn’t go to the judges where that point deduction could truly cost him, so he went head hunting for Dwyer early and often.

Jouban finally put him on the mat for a moment after a head kick was blocked, and he followed it with a hook that stunned the Canadian.  Once again Dwyer survived, but Jouban closed the round with a beautiful and rarely used cartwheel kick to bring the San Diego crowd to their feet.

Jouban was ultra aggressive again during round three as he constantly put the pressure on Dwyer, who looked like his conditioning was backfiring, just slightly, and he couldn’t put as much behind his punches and kicks.

Despite the point deduction, Jouban’s offensive output weighed heavily with the judges and they all returned similar 29-27 scores, giving him the unanimous decision victory.

"I want this year to be my year," Jouban said after his second straight win. "I want to fight two more times."