UFC 211 fight scrapped after Jared Gordon ends up in the hospital ahead of weigh-ins

UFC 211 has lost yet another fight in the days leading up to the event.

Jared Gordon, who was making his promotional debut against Michel Quinones, announced on Friday morning that he was taken to the hospital after suffering through symptoms similar to food poisoning.

UFC officials confirmed that Gordon was off the card under advice from a physician and his bout with Michel Quinones has been scrapped.

According to Gordon, he was advised under the care of a doctor that he required an IV for fluids before he was ultimately pulled from the card taking place Saturday night in Dallas.

“Unfortunately I will not be fighting tomorrow,” Gordon wrote on his Facebook. “Everything was going smooth last night when I turned sick at about 8-9 pm. I was experiencing food poison symptoms. I was admitted to the hospital, along side UFC’s doctor. I was advised to use an IV, by both ER and UFC’s doctor which would make me ineligible to fight because of USADA’s rules .

“I’m extremely sorry to everyone who were going to attend and or watch. Just another bump in the road.”

USADA officials later clarified that while Gordon may have been pulled from the fight due to medical advice from a physician, it wasn’t due to any UFC anti-doping rule violations.

“Although we are not in any way questioning the advice of the medical professionals who treated Mr. Gordon, as athlete health and wellness must always come first; however, it is inaccurate to say that it was USADA’s rules which made him ineligible to fight,” USADA official Ryan Madden said in a statement sent to FOX Sports. “The administration of an IV during a hospital admission is not prohibited under the UFC Anti-Doping Program.”

Gordon was just bumped up to the FX prelims for UFC 211 following an injury to Henry Cejudo earlier this week that canceled his fight with Sergio Pettis on the main card.

With Gordon vs. Quinones canceled, UFC 211 moves forward with 12 total bouts on the card.