UFC 208: Why Germaine De Randamie Will Become the Champion

Germaine De Randamie has gone relatively unknown to the casual fan, but come UFC 208, fans will learn her name. With Holly Holm the favorite in the fight, it’s easy to overlook GDR.

Holly Holm vs Germaine De Randamie will be the UFC 208 headliner come February, and with fans well aware of who Holly Holm is, it’s easy to think she’ll add another belt to her collection.

The first UFC Women’s Featherweight fight will take place at UFC 208 in Brooklyn on February 11. With Cyborg Justino out of the picture for multiple reasons, the UFC went ahead and picked the two most worthy contenders.

It’s easy for the casual fan to discard this fight as it doesn’t involve Cyborg and most don’t know who Germaine De Randamie is. What most people don’t realize is that kickboxer Holly Holm has her hands full against fellow striker GDR. GDR has a kickboxing record of 37-0, and for someone like Holm, who is known for her stand-up, she is in for the challenge of her career.

With neither women known for their ground game, we are in for an exciting kickboxing match. A kickboxing match that favors De Randamie for multiple reasons.

No doubt Holm has some of the best kickboxing in women’s MMA, however, her last fight proves she can be beaten on the feet. Valentina Shevchenko gave Holly Holm one of the toughest fights of her career, by forcing her to lead and countering her shots with a potent right hook. Shevchenko has a Muay Thai/kickboxing record of 58-2-1 and proved that Holm has some weaknesses in her standup.

Holly Holm has a tendency to lose her confidence and grow hesitant when fights don’t go her way, evident early on in the Shevchenko fight. Holm doesn’t have the power to trouble GDR’s excellent chin. Holm’s love of counter punches could spell trouble when faced with the power of GDR, her need to let her opponent lead plays right into the strength of GDR.

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Germaine De Randamie hits hard, has never been defeated in a kickboxing match, and is a perfectly sized 145 pounder. GDR is known for having a very strong clinch. Her knees in the clinch are very powerful and have stopped opponents before, most notably in her last fight against Anna Elmose. Holm won’t be able to use her clinch game against the stronger and more dangerous GDR.

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GDR takes control of her fights with excellent footwork and very accurate strikes, she has a sturdy gas tank and uses it to her advantage when her opponent slows down. Much like Vitor Belfort, GDR likes to tee off on her opponents when they are hurt. Her powerful punches lead to her opponent’s knees buckling, and what follows is a barrage of strikes in quick succession.

All of these things add up to Holly Holm getting upset in her Featherweight MMA debut. Holm will be unable to use her size advantage or her striking to win this one like she did against Rousey.

The fight will be a competitive, back and forth, five round war between two veterans of the stand-up game. It won’t be easy but De Randamie will use her size and power to beat Holm by decision to become the first UFC Women’s Featherweight champion.

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