UFC 205: Approaching the Threshold of Greatness

UFC 205 is the result of years of work by Zuffa and MMA fans. It’s a feat of such magnitude, that it likely won’t be replicated ever again.

MMA and New York have a troubled history that will finally be put to rest tomorrow. It will be the first UFC event held in New York City, and the first event in the state since 1995. Zuffa worked tirelessly against the corruption in the New York State Senate and the Nevada Culinary Union.

The Culinary Union has been an advisary of the Fertitas for quite some time due to their ownership of non-unioned Station Casinos. This rivalry spread over into attacking the UFC, and the union used their influence to stall efforts in New York. But once the governor got behind the UFC and certain roadblocks were removed, professional MMA became legal in March of this year.

Because it took so much time and money to make MMA in New York legal, It only made sense to create a fight card that matched the importance of the event. UFC 205 is easily the most stacked card in the sport’s history and arguably one of the most important in combat sports.

Three title fights, four champions, three former champions, five bouts that may decide contendership for their respective weight classes, the possibility of a two-weight class champion, the potential retirement of Miesha Tate, and the lightweight debut of the former welterweight contender; Thiago Alves. This card is so stacked that it didn’t lose it’s value when Rashad Evans vs. Tim Kennedy was scrapped due to medical screening.

The results of UFC 205 will set the tone for several cards in 2017. McGregor seizing a second title may finally legitimize the hype. It could also hold up two weight classes for the next year or so due to McGregor wanting time off for the rumored birth of his child. This would be his fourth title victory in his career without a defense.

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A victory for Alvarez means he fights Tony Ferguson or the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Michael Johnson depending on how it finishes.

The winner of Chris Weidman vs. Yoel Romero could be facing Jacare Souza instead of the champion, Michael Bisping.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jeremy Stephens may cause more problems depending on who wins. Edgar winning might not do anything for him since he has lost twice to Aldo. On the other hand, Stephens would gain a lot from beating the former lightweight champion.

This is probably the first and only time that every fight means something. The only drawback is that UFC 206 has been left hanging and has gone through several bout changes. 206 ticket prices are cheaper than the upcoming TUF Finale. With the rumored reduced schedule for next year, super cards may become more frequent. But even if super cards do become more frequent, they will likely not have the same implications or carry the same amount of pressure as UFC 205.

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