Nate Diaz might get that fight with GSP he wanted

Longtime UFC lightweight Nate Diaz shocked a lot of folks on Saturday when he submitted featherweight champion Conor McGregor on just 11 days’ notice in the main event of UFC 196.

But the 30-fight veteran wasn’t surprised.

Which is why it isn’t unexpected that Diaz is reportedly calling for a fight with former welterweight champion and all-time great Georges St-Pierre for his next fight. St-Pierre, who held the belt from 2008 until his retirement in 2013, has been rumored to be considering a comeback and was front in center for Diaz’s performance at UFC 196.

St-Pierre liked what he saw out of Diaz and so did his head coach, Firas Zahabi, leader of the famed TriStar gym, home not only to GSP, but the likes of Rory MacDonald, Robert Whittaker and most recently Sage Northcutt.

Yes, Firas, please see what you can do about GSP vs. Diaz at UFC 200. Or GSP vs. Lawler. Or anything you want, just get him on the card, please.