Conor McGregor says he stays hungry while in lap of luxury

Conor McGregor insists that tailored suits haven't made him any less of a savage.

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Conor McGregor isn’t shy about telling and showing the world that he’s living quite the life, these days. Just a few years after being on the government dole, the Irishman now conducts his UFC 189 training camp out of a Nevada mansion, and mixes in jewelry shopping with hard training.

While being interviewed by Off The Record, however, McGregor maintained that there is no risk of his going soft because he sleeps on silk sheets. "Of course I can stay as hungry [as before]," he said.

"I am surrounded by luxuries, but it has been built, and continues to be built by sacrifice every single day. I wake up and I work hard inside the Octagon, outside the Octagon, in the business side, in the gym. Every aspect of my life, I put everything into. I surround myself with luxury now, but make no mistake — it is built and continues to be built through sacrifice."

There has also been the question of just how hungry, literally and not figuratively, McGregor is. After all, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen visited with McGregor recently and then told the world that "Notorious" told him he weighed 172 pounds just days before he’ll have to weigh 145 pounds for his interim title fight against Chad Mendes.

According to Conor, that was just either a misunderstanding or another one of Chael’s many tall-tales. "I did not tell Chael I was 172 pounds," he said.

"I am usually 172 pounds walking around, naturally. Right now I’m on point."

If McGregor is on pace to make weight and hungry as ever, he’ll still have to contend with Mendes’ strong wrestling. Never before has McGregor faced a wrestler as good or powerful as "Money."

When asked directly how comfortable he imagines himself being in the wrestling and grappling department while in the UFC 189 cage with Mendes, McGregor didn’t use bluster or hyperbole. He acknowledged that the wrestling question is a salient one with him, and said only that he is as interested in answering it as fans are for him to do it.

"I’m interested to answer the question," he ended.

"It’s a question that people have been interested in. The fans have wanted to know. I have been wrestling. There is a strong wrestling base in my country. We have a phenomenal grappling base in my country and my wrestling coaches are from all over. My coach John Kavanagh  is a phenomenal wrestler, I have phenomenal wrestlers on my team. I look forward to answering the question."