Fight Blog Recap: McGregor stops Mendes in two

Round 1

Conor comes out with a spinning back kick and a flying knee, only to be taken down. The Irishman pops right back up, however and they trade big punches.

This guy is constantly in a state of hyping himself up, and it isn’t for our benefit, it’s for his. Conor throwing lots of front kicks, then lands a straight left to the head.

Conor lands a spinning back kick to the body, another straight left and a high kick, followed by another. Chad is backed up, too relaxed and a smidge slower than Conor.

Chad lands two punches to the head, Conor taunts him. Another left straight from Conor. Conor is stalking Mendes around the cage.

He has his hands down and is taunting and pays for it by eating five straight punches to the head, and then he gets taken down. Chad stands and smashes Conor with punches. Conor is cut open, stands and nods.

Conor eats another right hand on the chin, and another! He refuses to keep his hands up!

Chad has his hands low as well, and the one instant he brings them up, he eats an uppercut to the gut. Conor wobbles him with another straight right!

Chad responds with his own overhand right to the head! Chad ducks under another straight right and takes him down. He goes straight to side mount and crucifix position.

Conor scrambles and regains half guard position. Chad looks heavy on top.

Chad begins to set up a front choke, then stands up and throws a punch down into the guard. He enters the full guard of McGregor and the round ends.

Round 2

Mendes shoots in, scores another takedown. He looks to be planted on top of McGregor.

Slowly but surely Mendes lands big shots and big elbows. McGregor throws his own vertical elbows to the top of the head but keeps his guard closed.

Chad moves to pass, McGregor gets in a half butterfly guard and uses it to elevate Chad and get up after four minutes on the mat. Upon returning to his feet, Conor blasts Chad with straight punches against the fence.

Mendes shoots again, is stuffed and eats more shots! He absorbs one more straight left hand to the chin and drops.

Conor follows up and the fight is stopped with three seconds left in the round!

After celebration from Conor, he and Chad embrace and raise one another’s arms.

Official Decision:

McGregor wins by TKO at 4:57 of the second round.

Robbie Lawler (25-10) vs. Rory MacDonald (18-2)

Rory lands another high kick! He has Robbie cornered, and fires off more punches. 

Robbie gets away, but eats another kick. He is pressed against the cage, again, and Rory lands elbow after elbow to the chin!

Robbie is wobbled! He survives but eats another high kick!

Robbie has slowed a lot but continues to stalk the challenger. Rory lands a one-two combo to the head of the champ.

Rory slips a punch, changes levels and shoots for a takedown but Robbie sprawls beautifully.

Lawler gets up to his feet and fires off an overhand punch at Rory’s head. Lawler bleeding now, as well, from his face.

Robbie lands a jab and Rory lands a right high kick! The champ fires off a punch combo mixing overhands and uppercuts.

This fight is as great and close as we thought it could be! At the horn, both men refuse to leave the center of the mat!

They stare each other down until the ref separates them.

Round 5

They get right back after it! The two exchange big punches until Lawler lands a straight left down the pipe right on the likely broken nose of Rory that drops the challenger.

Rory is down, covering up, and eats three punches before the referee steps in and calls a stop to it. 

Unbelievable effort from both men. The damage both sustained has no doubt taken a toll.

Official Decision:

Lawler wins by TKO (strikes) at one minute of the fifth round.

Seery punches backwards into Smolka’s head. The effort gets cheers, but he can’t get free or do damage. 

Seery stands , with Smolka still on his back. He tries to spike Smolka on his head by throwing himself forward onto his own.

Smolka retains the position. Smolka gets under the chin of Seery but Seery chooses to punch backwards instead of hand-fight and defend the choke.

Seery gets to his knees, then his feet, but Smolka brings him back down and takes top position with  a little over 10 seconds left. 

Smolka gets the back once more.

Round 3

They bump fists for the third time and get right back to firing punches at one another. Smolka ducks under and gets another takedown.

Smart man. He’s dominating on the ground, while it’s even or worse for him on the feet, with Seery.

He finds himself in trouble from another omoplata attempt from Seery, though. Smolka defends but gives Seery enough space to stand. 


On the feet, Seery lands punches until Smolka shoots for another takedown. The "Ole" chants sweep on our back from left to right, as Seery defends another takedown.


Smolka shoots again, gets it but Seery locks in an arm-less guillotine choke. Smolka stays smart, and passes the guard with only his upper body.

He moves to side mount on Seery’s left side, while Seery hangs onto his choke attempt with hsi right side.

That’s how you get VonFlue-choked. Seery knows this and lets go. Smolka passes to the opposite side and sticks side mount, and works for an arm-triangle choke, before transitioning to the mount, and then taking the back of Seery once more.

Seery stands and defends the choke, gets taken down, stands up, but gets taken down again. Once more, he let it happen so he could work for a guillotine choke.

As with the one moments ago, it looks deep, but Smolka stays calm and tries to pass the guard. He works out of danger to half guard. 

Seery tries to elevate Smolka with a half butterfly guard and eventually gets enough space to stand up. However, Smolka slams him down into side mount, and begins working another arm-triangle choke.

The fight ends there, and Smolka raises his hands in victory. The crowrd cheers both of their efforts.

All three judges score it 30-27 for Smolka.