UFC 189 Embedded: ‘I’m going to pay Conor McGregor $100,000 to give you a pep talk’

It’s time for more inside access to the biggest fighters from July 11’s UFC 189 because the mini-doc "Embedded" series is back with two great new episodes. On Episode 3 (below), Chad Mendes and his privacy fall prey to Chael Sonnen’s unbelievably jerkish trolling, "Money" undergoes some extreme therapy, and he and Team Alpha Male are impressed by Conor McGregor’s appearance on Conan O’Brien. (Warning: There’s graphic language in both videos.)

Also on the third episode, "Notorious" and his McMansion get an espresso machine, and he works on his conditioning in advance of his featherweight title fight against Mendes. "I can go all fuc—- day," he says.

All that and more is below on Episode 3. In Episode 4, above, watch Mendes do some pool work ("it’s good to blow your lungs out without getting punched in the face"), and McGregor get a massage.

The UFC 189 Embedded camera crew also visits Florida and welterweight champion Robbie Lawler, and his challenger Rory MacDonald in Montreal. The champ insists that it is "business as usual. Just hard work, learning and getting better every day," in preparing for his rematch with MacDonald.

"We didn’t train different, we just stepped it up another notch."

Lawler says he isn’t overlooking MacDonald, but is confident that his "Ruthless" pressure will take the Canadian out. "Rory is a heck of an opponent. A finely tuned athlete but I need to go out there and dictate, get in his face and beat him up."

The challenger is confident as well, even though he anticipates the fight with Lawler to be grueling. "I’m sure it’s going to be the hardest fight of my life," he says.

MacDonald also gets in some extra pad work with head coach Firas Zahabi at TriStar gym — and some advice too. "You go in there like it’s your last day on earth. It’s the last fight you’re ever going to have. You don’t underestimate him, you don’t fear him. Find the right balance," Zahabi tells MacDonald, before announcing a special plan to give his fighter a charge right before taking on Lawler at UFC 189.

"I’m going to have Conor McGregor give you a pep talk right before the fight. I’m going to pay Conor McGregor $100,000 for a pep talk," he jokes.

"How epic would that be? It would be like having Braveheart in your locker room."