UFC 182 Recap: Jon Jones takes down Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones won a decision over Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 182, Saturday night.

Jed Jacobsohn/Zuffa LLC

Not even the final horn could stop the blows between bitter rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Saturday night in Las Vegas, after the UFC 182 main event. Jones managed to score a unanimous decision win over the Olympic wrestler in a fight much closer than the scorecards read.

Jones landed multiple takedowns in the fourth round over Cormier, but DC rebounded in the fifth with his own big slam. In the end, the young champ held onto his belt.

In the night’s co-main event, Donald Cerrone won his sixth straight fight with an impressive decision over previously undefeated Myles Jury. Check out all the action from all eleven UFC 182 bouts, below!

Jon Jones (20-1) vs. Daniel Cormier (15-0) Round 1

Jones misses with an axe kick and Cormier looks to tie up right away. Cormier blocks a head kick and gets inside and land uppercuts to the champ.

Jones trips up and takes Cormier down and takes his back. Cormier is back up right away. They are in the center of the cage and Jones lands an oblique kick and misses with a left elbow strike. 

Jones shoots in for a takedown, gets stuffed and Cormier holds a front head lock. Jones is up.

Jones lands a straight right punch. Cormier with another clinch and more uppercuts. 

Cormier lands an overhand right as Jones separates. Nice knee to the body from Jones. Good jab and hook from Cormier.

Jones lands a good liver shot with his left hand. Jones misses witha  spinning back kick. Another good good left gut shot from Jones. 

Nice left hook from Cormier. Another two jabs from Cormier. Jones misses with a left elbow and Cormier lands another jab.

The round ends with an uppercut from Cormier.

Round 2

Jones opens the round with a body kick. Cormier catches a kick from Jones, shoots in but Jones defends and snatches a front kick.

Cormier defends and lands an overhand right to the head of Jones. Jones pressing Cormier against the cage now.

Shoulder strike from Jones to the chin of Cormier. Cormier snatches a front head lock but Jones is out. 

Cormier blocks a head kick. Jones initiates a clinch but Cormier lands first and often with punches. On separation, Cormier lands again.

Jones lands his first big elbow of the fight! Follows up with a knee to the body. Cormier lands a left hook on separation. Jones gets stuffed on a takedown attempt and eats uppercuts to the head for his effort.

Straight left to the head from Jones. Jones swinging short elbows and Cormier landing hooks and a knee to the body.

Cormier blocks a head kick and follows up with another flurry of punches from inside.

Jones settiing up an elbow strike but gets arm-dragged by Cormier! Cormier lands another punch on separation with fifteen seconds left. 

Cormier lands two more uppercuts to end the round.

Round 3

Cormier lands four straight hard punches to the head from the clinch! Jones lands a side kick to the chest!

Another left body punch from Jones lands. Cormier with another of his lead jabs.

Jones lands his first eye poke of the night. As usual, pretty blatant.

Cormier clearly having trouble seeing. Dean warns Jones.

Jones re-starts with a kick. He shoots for a takedown, DC reverses and goes for his own. 

Jones stuffs it but Cormier presses him against the cage. Jones reverses positions and lands a short elbow.

Jones misses witha  reverse lead elbow. Jones lands knee to the body. More big uppercuts from Cormier in the clinch.

Cormier shoots in and gets stuffed by Jones. Cormier blocks a high kick and left straight. Jones presses Cormier against the cage and lands another knee to the body.

Another short elbow from Jones. Cormier gets free but is slowing down, though pressuring. Jones hurts Cormier with another strike. More uppercuts from Cormier.

Missed flying knee from Jones, Cormier switches stances and lands a jab with his right. Jones pulls guard for some reason and eats punches until the horn.

Round 4

Cormier has a slight advantage in total strikes landed at this point, according to the broadcast’s graphics. Jones with a big takedown of Cormier. Cormier is back up to his feet immediately.

Jones still pressing Jones against the cage and gets another takedown! Cormier pinned against the cage now, not able to get up right away this time.

Jones stands and throws a punch, knee and elbow on Cormier. Cormier is up but Jones still pressing him against the cage.

Jones lands a right hook to the body and a left hook to the head from the clinch. Cormier breaks free and presses Jones with punches. 

Leg kick from Cormier. Cormier initiates another clinch, and the wrestle for control. Jones ends the round with another takedown!

Round 5

Cormier lands a big uppercut and goes for another takedown but can’t run it down. Shoulder strike from Jones in the clinch.

Cormier swinging big from the clinch, while backed up against the cage. That strike activity opens up a takedown opportunity for Jones. 

Jones works for it but can’t get it. Jones still pressing Cormier against the cage, works to take his back now.

Cormier switches out. Cormier tries for a takedown, can’t get it. Jones tries for another, and can’t get it, either.

A minute and a half left and Jones lands a knee to the body of Cormier from the clinch. Cormier working for a single leg takedown.

Jones works elbows to the body. Cormier scoops up Jones and slams him over his head!

Jones gets back up to his feet immediately, however. Jones lands an elbow and gets pressed up against the cage. Cormier works for another takedown, doesn’t get it.

Jones raises his hands up before time is out, Cormier lets go of the hold. Then, Jones throws a left hook to the head. Jones responds with his own two-punch combination to the head of the champ after the horn.

Official Decision:

All three judges score the fight 49-46 for Jon Jones to give him the unanimous decision win. 

Donald Cerrone (25-6) vs. Myles Jury (15-0)

Round 1

Myles Jury gets a takedown but Cerrone immediately transitions to an oma plata shoulder lock. 

Jury postures up and slams Cerrone but is still stuck in the lock. Cerrone kills Jury’s posture and gets the sweep.

Cerrone gets side mount then quickly takes Jury’s back as the young fighter turns to his knees. Cerrone locks in a figure four from back control.

Jury defending choke attempts from Cerrone. Under a minute left and Jury still hasn’t escaped.

Cerrone locks in a short choke with under a minute left but Jury pries him off. Cerrone switches to an armbar at the last second and the horn sounds.

Round 2

Jury goes for another takedown but gets rebuffed by Cerrone. Cerrone lands a jab and a left hook to the head of Jury. 

Cerrone lands an uppercut with his right hand, to the head of Jury. Jury with an overhand right to the head. 

Cerrone with a leg kick. Body kick slammed to the body of Cerrone by Jury.

Cerrone parries a punch and answers with a straight cross to the face of Jury. Another leg kick from Cerrone.

Cerrone lands a left leg kick. Cerrone with a knee to the body.

Round 3

Jury opens up the round with a one-two punch combo. Jury clinches up and works for a takedown, pressing Cerrone against the cage.

Cerrone breaks free and lands a big head kick! Jury shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. 

A jab to the face from Cerrone as he walks Jury around the cage. Jury shoots again for a takedown but gets stuffed again. Cerrone dives for a single leg takedown against the cage.

Cerrone has landed a total of 19 leg kicks, according to Mike Goldberg. Cerrone stops the takedown and reverses Jury before standing up and walking away with under a minute left.

Jury shoots for another takedown but gets defended. Cerrone himself shoots in and dumps Jury on his behind and then winds up with huge leg kicks, as if to make a statement to the young cocky fighter.

Official Decision:

All three judges score the fight for Donald Cerrone to give him the unanimous decision win.

Nate Marquardt (36-13-2) vs. Brad Tavares (12-4)

Round 1

Marquardt lands the first big shot in the form of a front face kick. Tavares answers with hooks to the head.

More stalking and feinting from both them. Tavares swings witha  one-two punch combo and then an inside leg kick.

Marquardt answers with his own leg kick. Tavares lands his own front kick to the face at the end of the round.

Round 2

Tavares comes out firing with punches. Marquardt drops for a single leg after eating a knee but Tavares sprawls, defends and ends up on top. 

Marquardt gets up to his feet. Marquardt charges in and presses Tavares against the cage but the islander gets free.

Tavares lands another nasty leg kick. And, another!

Marquardt’s face starting to swell a bit from Tavares’ punches. Marquardt lands an inside and then an outside leg kick. 

Tavares reversed a charging MArquardt and presses the former title challenger against the fence. Marquardt briefly gets a takedown but Tavares gets back to his feet. 

Tavares separates from the clinch and fires a right elbow to the head of Marquardt. Tavares lands a jab and another overhand right.

Round 3

Tavares opens up the round with a jab and an uppercut to the head of Marquardt. Nate "The Great" shoots in low but then comes up high with the clinch and lands two knees.

Marquard lands a big left and right hand to the head. Tavares lands a high switch kick.

The crowd boos because they are the perfect combination of arrogant, drunk and ignorant. Referee Yves Lavigne unfortunately takes their cues from them in his warnings and separations.

Tavares puts Marquardt on his heels and hurts him one more time with his hands before the horn sounds.

Official Decision:

All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for Nate Marquardt.

Kyoji Horiguchi (14-1) vs. Louis Gaudinot (7-3)

Round 1

Gaudinot swinging hard from the start. Horiguchi eats a short right hand to the chin.

Horiguchi being widely evasive, running laterally. Gaudinot keeping a good protective guard of his head.

Horiguchi lands a takedown but Gaudinot uses a whizzer to reverse and stand back up.

Round 2

Horiguchi staggers Gaudinot at the onset of the second! He follows up with a flying knee that misses.

Gaudinot locks on an arm-triangle choke on the feet then pulls guard. He can’t finish it and goes back to his feet.

Horiguchi pressing the American against the cage. Horiguchi lands a high kick. 

Gaudinot dancing around the outside as Horiguchi peppers him with punches. Hiroguchi ends the round strong with a trip takedown and strikes on the ground from the knee on belly position

Round 3

Gaudinot stuns Horiguchi with a right hand at the start. Horiguchi is undeterred, and gets back to measuring, and firing his straight cross.

Horiguchi finding his rythym now, controlling the timing from the outside, as Gaudinot tries to counter strike. Stiff jab from the Japanese fighter.

Gaudinot locks up a guillotine choke and jumps guard but gives up on it and goes back to his feet. Horiguchi presses him against the cage.

Gaudinot misses with a spinning back fist. Horiguchi ducks under a looping hook and the final horn sounds.

Official Decision:

Kyoji Horiguchi wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28, and 30-27 (twice).

Hector Lombard (34-4-1) vs. Josh Burkman (27-10)

Round 1

Lombard stalking Burkman as the returning TUF vet circles away. Burkman begins to fire off his own shots and then shoots for a takedown.

Lombard stuffs it and Burkman fires a superman punch off. Lombard lands a hard leg kick. 

Round 2

Both men come out swinging in the second round and Burkman gets the worst of it. Lombard presses Burkman against the cage and fires more punches to the now bleeding Burkman’s head.

Burkman lands a body kick but Lombard answers with a hook to the jaw. Burkman drops his hands and dares Lombard to come at him.

Lombard lands a body kick. Right hook from the clinch, to the head, from Lombard. Lombard lands a hard left that stands Burkman up.

Two leg kicks from Lombard to end the round.

Round 3

Lombard gets a double leg takedown at the start of the round. Burkman gets back to his feet quickly but gets taken down again.

Lombard passes guard to sidemount, Burkman gives his back up but gets to his feet and breaks free. Lombard lands a monster left hand that snaps Burkman back against the cage.

Burkman connects with his own right that stuns Lombard. Lombard looks unaffected, just moments later, however, and continues to stalk the American.

Lombard lands three more big punches to the head! Lombard finishes the fight eating a couple shots but landing one last huge left hand.

Official Decision:

Hector Lombard gets a unanimous decision win with scores of 30-27 (twice), and 29-28.

Alexis Dufresne (5-1) vs. Marion Reneau (4-1)

Round 1

Reneau looking sharp with leg kicks and a straight right hand at the start against Dufresne. Reneau lands an even bigger overhand right punch to the head.

Dufresne shoots in for a takedown and gets stuffed. Dufresne is bleeding a bit from the nose now, as she gets hit with another overhand right from Reneau.  

Reneau hurts Dufresne badly with another right hand and several knees to the body. She’s got a big speed advantage with strikes on the feet, and looks all-around more comfortable there.

Three more right hands from Reneau and more knees to the mid-section from the clinch as the round ends. 

Round 2

Reneau blasting Dufresne more with punches to the head and leg kicks. Dufresne still gamely staying in the pocket but is not moving as fast. 

Dufresne pulls half guard, and Reneau throws a couple punches and stands up and walks away. Dufresne breathing out of her open, bleeding mouth while flat on her feet.

Reneau still bouncing around on her toes in between punches and kicks. Reneau comes in with a straight cross after the jab that rocks Dufresne.

Reneau lands a big kick just before the horn. 

Round 3

Reneau has not slowed down at all at the start of this round, as she bounces and throws and lands more head punches. Reneau follows up a high switch kick with a leg kick. Dufresne lands a cross of her own to the head.

Reneau lands a jab to the face, then follows up with a flurry of one-two combos that tag up and snap back the head of Dufresne. Reneau lands two more monster right punches to the head and Dufresne shoots in softly but gets defended.

Dufresne lands two overhand rights on the feet. Reneau stings with another jab and once more follows up with several one-two punch combos to the head, most of which land. It’s getting ugly with 30 seconds left.

Dufresne has no defense for Reneau’s strikes. The referee lets it go the distance even though Dufresne mounted virtually no defense or offense for the entire three rounds.

Official Decision:

The judges unanimously score the fight for Reneau with scores of 30-26 (twice) and (30-25).

Omari Akhmedov (13-2) vs. Mats Nilsson (11-3-1)

Round 1

Omari shoots and scores with a takedown out of the gate. Omari stands up and breaks the guard and lands with big punches that hurt Nilsson! 

Nilsson gets back to his feet and presses Omari against the cage, throwing his own big punches. Omari gets free and lands two hard leg kicks. 

Left and right hooks to the head from Omari land. Omari shoots in again but gets stuffed. 

Nilsson lands an inside leg kick and then covers up to block more hooks from Omari. Left kick to the body from Omari.

Nilsson presses Omari against the cage and takes Omari down with a double leg. Omari gets back up before long and then scores his own second takedown.

Nilsson gets back up and begins to stalk Omari on the feet. The Swede shoots in again with under 30 seconds left and gets another takedown!

Round 2

Nilsson looks no worse for wear after the damage he took early in the first. Nilsson is stalking Omari and throwing shots as Omari lands another takedown.

Great punches from Omari from inside the full guard of Nilsson. Nilsson works a high guard to threaten with submissions but he can’t control Omari.

Nilsson gets back to his feet, but Omari puts him back down with his fourth takedown of the fight. 

Nilsson landing good elbows from his back. Nilsson gets back to his feet with under a minute left in the round.

Omari gets a single leg takedown. 

Round 3

Nilsson shoots for a takedown but Omari defends it and makes him pay with knees from the clinch and punches. 

Nilsson shoots again and this time gets it with an outside trip against the cage. Omari gets back up to his feet without taking any damage but Nilsson puts him down again with two minutes left in the round and fight. 

Omari gets up and presses Nilsson against the cage with one minute left, looking for another takedown of his own. He gets it but Nilsson works for a Kimura shoulder lock.

Omari defends and stands up. Nilsson gets a judo flip and locks on a guillotine choke, takes the mount and then switches to a D’Arce choke.

Omari has no defense for it but the horn saves him!

Official Decision: 

Omari Akhmedov wins the fight via unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 all around.

Evan Dunham (14-6) vs. Rodrigo Damm (12-8)

Round 1

Both talented ground fighters decide to start things out on the feet. Both men active with punches to th head, until Dunham lands a head kick.

Dunham lands a straight left that buckles Damm, then follows up with a right that buckles the Brazilian once more!

Under a minute left and Dunham is stalking Damm. Dunham lands a one-two punch combo to the head, then a big overhand right to the dome.

Round 2

Dunhan connecting early to the chin of Damm, again. Damm is bleeding from his left ear.

Dunham presses Damm against the cage, doesn’t get a takedown, and they are in the center of the cage once more. Damm lands a kick to the body but Dunham pounces with right punches and a takedown.

Damm gets right back up, however. Dunham lands a lead, looping right hook, and then a one-two to the head.

Damm staying in there but mounting no offense of his own, while Dunham continues to unload with head punches. Dunham finishes off a punch combo with a high kick that hits mostly shoulder.

Round 3

Damm comes out swinging with a head kick and a flying knee but neither connect solidly. Joe and Goldie point out that Damm has not attempted a single takedown to this point.

The Brazilian is in a tough spot because, though he has great Jiu Jitsu and is losing on the feet, Dunham also has a great ground game.

Dunham lands another cross. Dunham lands another and then misses with an elbow. Dunham connects with a thudding right lead hook to the head. Damm still swinging but Dunham is always out of range.

Another straight cross from Dunham, then a left high kick from the fighter out of Vegas. Dunham lands another cross and Damm begins to egg him on by slapping himself in the face.

Damm does damage to Dunham next with a flying knee to the midsection. Dunham keeps the punch combos coming as Damm stays in the pocket and drops his hands.

Dunham lands another one-two to the head, then follows up with knees to the head from the Thai plum clinch right before the horn.

Official decision: 

Evan Dunham wins via unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 across the board.

Shawn Jordan (16-6) vs. Jared Cannonier (7-0)

Round 1

Jordan stalks then explodes with punches on Cannonier. Cannonier bouncing around and moving laterally well, with leg kicks. 

Nice, quick cross from Cannonier. Jordan responds with a hook kick. They exchange punches on the inside and then Jordan drops Cannonier with a quick lead right punch that hits him in the back of the head.

The former LSU football player follows up with ground strikes and forces the ref to stop fhe fight. 

Official Decision:

Jordan wins via TKO at 2:57 of the first round.


Marcus Brimage (7-3) vs. Cody Garbrandt (5-0)

Round 1

Garbrandt lands an inside low kick and a right hand before Brimage accidentally hits him in the cup with his own inside leg kick. After a rest break from the ref, both men are at it again.

Garbrandt lands a big overhand right hand and then drops his hands to taunt Brimage. Garbrandt lands a short hook that hurts Brimage. Brimage stays strong and keeps the center of the Octagon.

Brimage trips and Garbrandt is on top in the Bama Beast’s butterfuly guard. Brimage gets up quickly. 

Garbrandt throws and misses with a flying knee. Brimage connects with a straight right punch as Garbrandt rushes in.

Brimage catches Garbrandt low again and referee Herb Dean calls another pause in the action. That one landed flush in the sack.

Garbrandt gets back in there with thirty seconds left. Brimage misses with his own flying knee, but connects with a good inside leg kick.

In the final ten seconds, however, Garbrandt connects with big punches that buckle and drop Brimage. Brimage gets back to his feet and the horn sounds to end the round.

Round 2

Brimage attacking Garbrandt at the start of the second with punches. Garbrandt shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Brimage throwing more punch combos, with bad intentions, but they mostly miss.

Brimage lands with a straight left to the mid-section. Garbrandt charges in and connects with a lead left hook to the chin.

Brimage glances with his own lead hook to the head. Brimage answers a right kick to the body with a big straight left to the head.

Brimage with a four-punch combo that ends with a lead right hand to the head of Garbrandt. Brimage fires more shots in the pocket that land to the head.

Garbrandt trips after throwing a flying knee.

Round 3

Brimage with a body-head punch combo. Garbrandt lands a solid right hand to the top of Brimage’s head.

Brimage lands a cut-kick and trips Garbrandt to the mat with three minutes left. Garbrandt tries fora  triangle choke. 

Brimage defends and stands up. Garbrandt lands a knee to the body.

Brimage charges forward with another punch combo. The last punch – a hook – glances over the chin of Garbrandt.

Garbrandt lands a nice left hook to the head. Garbrandt lands a right uppercut to the head.

Garbrandt shoots in for a double leg takedown but gets stuffed. Brimage misses with a head kick. 

Brimage charges in with punches but gets dropped with a punch. He gets up to his feet, but is clearly too tough for his good and Garbrandt follows up with punches, drops Brimage again, and referee Herb Dean stops the fight with seconds left in the round and fight.

Official Decision:

Garbrandt gets the TKO at the 4:57 of the third round, with just three seconds left.

Danny Castillo (17-7) vs. Paul Felder (9-0)

Round 1

Felder scores first with a leg kick, and then fouls first with an inside leg kick to the junk. Time back in and the two lightweights get back to work.

Castillo shoots fora  takedown but gets defended by Felder. Felder lands another nice leg kick, then another.

Felder lands a right hand that drops Castillo as he kicks. Felder lands another rear leg roundhouse kick to Castillo’s lead thigh. Castillo leaps in and connects with a right hook. 

Felder lands a knee to the head of Castillo as the Team Alpha Male member changes levels for a takedown. Missed spinning back heel kick from Felder.

Round 2

Felder landing more leg kicks and being evasive on his feet at the start of the round. Felder with a spinning back fist that knocks Castillo out cold!

Official Decision:

Paul Felder wins by KO at 2:09 of the second round.