UFC 150 fight-by-fight recap

Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar

Judges’ Decision:

Henderson via split decision (48-47, 48-47,


Wow. Henderson is nothing but respectful of Edgar in his victory

and Edgar stays classy not questioning the judges. He is

disappointed and admits that he thinks he had the decision, but

thanks the fans and deserves credit for a strong performance.

Speaking of the fans, boos rain down from the rafters at the

Pepsi Center. The crowd clearly thought a different decision was


Makes you wonder what Dana White will have to say…

Another great night of fights. Thanks for following along.

Round 5 – The Final Round! Edgar brings it strong landing

an early right hand and later another that puts Henderson on his

backside. The Toms River, NJ fighter is giving Henderson a run for

his belt. Henderson gets up quickly and doesn’t shy away. More of

Henderson patented side kicks find their target, but you can’t help

but feel that the judges are begging for someone to clearly take

this fight.

Half the round remains and both men seem to be becoming more

cautious. This is not the time! Edgar continue to counter

Henderson’s leg kicks with solid rights, while Henderson seems

confused as to how to crack the “Edgar Round 5” code. Edgar catches

Henderson with a strong kick to the shin that puts Henderson off


Edgar 10-9?

A few last minute flurries are thrown and this is extremely

close. It’s time for the judges’ score cards…

Round 4 – Henderson picks up where he left off landing a

strong left to Edgar’s chin. Henderson seems to be trying to bait

some activity from Edgar and might regret what he wishes for. Edgar

takes Henderson to the canvas and while Henderson lands an upkick,

Edgar has reapplied the choke.

Tons of time on the clock but the champ is the champ for a

reason and escapes once again!

Mid-round the pace slows allwoing each fighter to catch their

breath. Remember, the air in Denver is very thin, but both men have

trained for it. A mouthpiece is lost but quickly replaced. Edgar

lands a nice punch and leg kick, but his leg kicks aren’t as

effective as Henderson’s. The round nears its close and Edgar

catches Henderson’s kick only to eat a few fists. Henderson brings

the late round onslaught again, but Edgar counters with a great

right claiming the round.

Edgar 10-9

Round 3 – In what has become a thriller of a fight, kicks

and knees are traded early in the 3rd with Henderson getting the

better of it. Henderson realizes he has the edge and begins to

charge Edgar more aggressively. Edgar lands a tough kick to the

left side of Henderson, but neither man is showing signs of

relenting. The kicks continue from both sides, but every time Edgar

catches one of Henderson’s kicks he fires back with some punishing

fists. This round could easily go either way with 1 minunte left on

the clock. Commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg acknowledge

that this fight is very even. Henderson lands a heavy right hook at

the end of the round and very well may take the champ’s edge to win

the round even though Edgar’s kicks seemed to deal the most damage.

Henderson 10-9.

Round 2

Early in the round

Henderson’s leg kicks continue. He sweeps Edgar’s leg out from

under him and Edagr kisses the canvas again! Edgar gets up and

spars for a few minutes before landing a solid punch that fazes

Henderson and knocks him to the ground. Turnabout is fair play and

this time it is Edgar who applies the choke. Except, Edgar has a

lot more time. Henderson musters the strength to get back to his

feet, but Edgar will not let go. If this goes on much longer, Edgar

will burn out his arms and be in serious trouble is Henderson

escapes. The choke has been applied for more than a minute and

Henderson isn’t quitting. Edgar does. He releases the choke and

re-engages in boxing with some blood dripping from his nose. Edgar

takes control again, grabbing Henderson’s head, but no real damage

is done this time. Henderson lands a late kick but this round was

all Edgar.

Edgar 10-9

Round 1

This rematch is

officially on! Edgar comes out earyl looking to find his kicking

range. Henderson does the same. Edgar lands a low blow, but

Henderson waves off referee Herb Dean. Henderson picks up his foot

activity becoming more elsuive and Edgar is having a tough time

landing his jab. Henderson meanwhile starts to land his leg kicks

to the pleasure of the crowd. Another leg kick sends Edgar dropping

to the ground and a scramble ensues. Neither man can get the better

of it, and they rise back to their feet. Henderson has switched his

stance and his continued leg kicks have incurred swelling on the

calves of Edgar. Edgar, however, continues to fight unphased. You

have to wonder if this will pay off down the road with this being a

five round fight.

With 1 minute to go Edgar lands a nice kick of his own. Both

fighter engage in the center of the Octagon and Henderson catches

Edgar with a last second guillotine choke! It takes everything

Edgar has to avoice tapping as the clock counts down. Mercifully

the round ends and we move to round 2.

Henderson 10-9

Preview – It’s the champ vs. the former champ in a

lightweight battle for the ages. Last time Edgar brought Henderson

to the canvas 5 times, but still walked away with the loss. What

will it take to dethrone Benson Henderson? Can it happen? We’re

about to find out.

Donald Cerrone vs. Melvin Guillard

Cerrone’s ace in the hole is his grappling skills, but ‘The

Cowboy’ has indicated that he’s keen to have a standup war against

his former training partner. If Cerrone gets Guillard to the ground

it’s game over given Melvin’s poor submission/defensive skills, but

will he work towards that advantageous position?

Does he need to?

Cerrone starts a high kick but Guillard catches him and he is

badly hurt. Guillard is swarming all over him but Cerrone is able

to weather the storm. Guillard catches him with a right cross but

Cerrone knocks him out with a straight left after landing a

glancing high kick. A total reversal in what may likely be fight of

the night.

Winner: Cerrone via knockout (Round 1 – 1:16)

Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman

Round 3 – Herman gets an early takedown after the

clinchfest but Shields gets back up quickly. Shields gets his own

takedown and quickly moves to side control. Shields doing his usual

pathetic ground and pound which is as good as nothing against

Herman. Shields moves to mount. Working for an arm triangle. Herman

moves Shields back to guard. Shields maintain position as the clock

runs out playing the judges’ scorecards as effectively (and

boringly) as possible. I have it 29-28 to Shields with the judges

having it 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 to Shields as well.

Winner: Shields via unanimous decision


Round 2 – They quickly clinch up again but Shields takes

Herman down. Shields on top looking to work position. He’s working

towards a kimura but Herman does a good job defending. Shields then

looks to mount Herman. Shields ground and pound is an ineffectual

as always – which is the one saving grace for Herman. Crowd is

starting to boo. Herman almost rolls out but Shields is equal to

the challenge. Shields not doing much inside of Herman’s guard but

Herman is not able to do anything to escape. We have, in other

words, reached a stalemate. Shields’ round as the crowd boos more.

Shields 10-9

Round 1 – Shields only got to Denver this week. So he has

not trained at altitude for a fight against somebody who trains

there all the time. That could prove telling. Shields lands first

with a kick but Herman is throwing more early. Herman takes down

Shields but they quickly rise back to their feet. They’re jockeying

for position and Shields takes control first, returning the fight

to the ground. Still, little to write hom eabout. Back up again,

Herman lays in some knees to Shields’ mid-section and some elbows

in the clinch. Shields goes for a late takedown, but Herman

successfully blocks it.

Herman 10-9.

Buddy Roberts vs. Yushin Okami

Round 2 – Roberts tries to push the action but is buckled

by Okami. He does however fire back with a solid left. Okami

bull-rushes forward to tie up Roberts. He drags Roberts to the

floor but its so unclean that it shows why he cannot perform

against anyone with any takedown defense. Okami on top in

half-guard but is not really mounting much offense. Okami manages

to move to full mount. Roberts gives up his back and Okami has the

same positional advantage he had towards the end of the first round

with Roberts complete flat on his stomach as Okami lays in the

punches. Herb Dean has seen enough and ends the fight at three

minutes and five seconds.

Winner: Yushin Okami via TKO (Round 2 – 3:05)

Round 1 – HERE WE GO! Roberts rushes Okami. Roberts looks

undersized. Roberts clips Okami with an overhand right. Clips him

again. Roberts wings another punch but misses. Okami connects with

a straight punch. Okami takes center stage but Roberts connects

with a left hook and hurts Okami. Okami ties Roberts up and looks

for the takedown up against the cage. Roberts is fighting it but

Okami has his back. Okami finally gets him down after Roberts puts

up a hell of a fight. Roberts attacks off the back. Okami is in

Roberts guard but at the moment unable to really mount any offense.

Okami looking to move to side control but Roberts resisting. Okami

manages to move to full mount and defensively rolls onto his

stomach. With 20 seconds left on the clock, Okami rains blows onto

Roberts with Roberts mounting almost no defense. Lucky for Roberts,

the round ends.

10-9 Okami.

Max Holloway vs. Justin Lawrence

Round 2 – Of course if Holloway wants to prove he’s a true

Kempo Karate specialist then he will move from the low blow to the

eye poke at some point. Otherwise he’s some lame anorexic Cheick

Kongo wannabe. Lawrence tries some non-kempo karate and actual

lands something. Not only that but it’s above the waist. Who would

have thunk it! Nothing is really happening – yet another reason to

regret the lighter weight classes leaving the smaller WEC cage.

Crowd is noticing nothing is happening – SO YOU KNOW NOTHING IS

HAPPENING! Holloway connects with a clean right hand and a body

kick. Lawrence misses with a right hand but ducks under a Holloway

counterpunch. Holloway does well with a double jab and right cross.

Statistics say Lawrence is landing but I haven’t seem him doing

anything of note. So I DEMAND an excel spreadsheet to prove he’s

landing something. Back off Joe Rogan – I ain’t looking at his face

– I want a spreadsheet. Lawrence tries a takedown but it is

unsuccessful. Holloway’s doing well in connecting with his lead

punches. Lawrence tries to fire back but Holloway is fighting

within himself and yet is still comfortable. Holloway tags Lawrence

with a knee and then a “Biden Talking About Obama Before He Was His

Boss” left hand, and all of sudden Holloway is all over him to

secure the finish.


Winner: Max Holloway via TKO at (Round 2 – 4:49)


Round 1 – Why is this on the man card again? Another kinda

kempo kick again. Holloway lands a straight punch. Holloway clips

Lawrence. Lawrence kips ducking and moving when Holloway mounts

offense. Holloway throws the jag and some kicks. Lawrence tries the

overhand punch but it’s blocked. Holloway attempts a kick to the


Lawrence walks off balls death. Well done. Holloway is pushing the

action. Holloway tries a hook but Lawerence attempts a takedown.

Doesn’t work and we’re back in the center of the Octagon. Lawrence

lands a low kick. Lawrence lands a nice overhand punch. Holloway

misses but apparently that means he’s finding his rhythm according

to Rogan. Lawrence is winning this standup battle. Holloway tries a

flying knee and catches Lawrence low – did I mention he did KEMPO


Lawrence 10-9…. although it’d be a 10-7 round if low

blows were legal as in KEMPO KARATE!!!!

Tommy Hayden vs. Dennis Bermudez

Round 1 – Dennis ‘The Menace’ is ready to put Hayden to the

test and does it early literally muscling Hayden off the ground and

flat onto his back with a single leg takedown. No damage on the

canvas as the fight quickly returns to standing. After a brief

exchange, Bermudez attempts to take Hayden’s back, but is

unsuccessful. Bermudez hits Hayden with a knee getting up, but it’s

20 seconds later when Hayden floors Bermudez a knee of his own.

With Bermudez stunned, Hayden goes for the choke, but Bermudez

defends that and the subsequent armbar attempt during the escape.

The fight flips again with Bermudez landing a late front kick and

applying a front choke to Hayden. 10 seconds later, it’s tap time.

A solid win for the TUF finalist caps of a great set of


Winner: Bermudez via guillotine submission (Round 1 –


Michael Kuiper vs. Jared Hamman

Round 2 – Hamman revealed to his corner that he has a torn

muscle in his leg, and Kuiper makes him pay immediately with a

solid leg kick. Hamman grimaces in pain, but soldiers on. The guys

trade blows in the center of the Octagon and then Kuiper lays

Hamman out at the sied of the cage. Somehow, Hamman find the

strength to get up. This is all heart, but all Kuiper’s fight. It’s

actually painful to watch Hamman fight to stay in this.

Fortunately, the ref steps in.

Winner: Kuiper via TKO (Round 2 – 2:16)

Round 1 – Hamman starts off exhibiting his kickboxing with

some leg kicks and establishes himself as the attacker. Kuiper

presses forward but doesn’t throw many blows. Kuiper tries to work

Hamman agains the cage to throw some fists, but doesn’t find much

success. Kuiper changes plans, puts Hamman in the clinch and takes

him down to the ground using some nice judo. This is a control

shift. As the fight moves back to standing, Kuiper lands some heavy

fists and has Hamman is dazed. Hamman wobbles around the Octagon,

but Kuiper can’t seem to land that finishing blow. The round ends

and Hamman limps back to his corner. A leg injury?

10-9 Kuiper

Erik Perez vs. Ken Stone

Round 1 – This bantamweight brawl begins with Perez ranging

Stone with an inside leg kick. Stone lands a right, but then BOOM!

Perez returns the favor rocking Stone to the ground with a vicious

right. Perez, chases Stone’s fallen body to the ground landing a

few more blows before Herb Dean jumps in to stop the fight. Stone

looks like he recovered and could continue, but Perez definitely

put Stone out for a few seconds there. It’s the fastest

bantamweight TKO in UFC history!

Winner: Perez via TKO (Round 1 – 0:17)

Chico Camus vs. Dustin Pague

Round 3 – Pague rushes Camus in round 3 taking Camus’ back

and locking in a triangle within the first 30 seconds. Camus rolls

to his side trying to weaken the body lock, but Pague maintains

position. After 2 minutes, Camus flips around and assumes top

position and fights his way into half guard. It’s a grappling match

with a few elbows. Camus showing some solid control from both

offense and defense and with 1 minute to go, he takes Pague’s back

landing multiple fists to Pague’s face. A late rear naked choke

attempt goes unfinished, but Camus clearly placed the round in his


Winner: Camus via unanimous decision

Round 2 – And reverse it. Pague catches one of Camus’ kicks

and takes him down. Both fighters return to their feet before Camus

delivers a big hook to Pague returning the fight to the ground.

Camus moves from half guard to side guard and rains occasional

blows, but Pague forces Camus back into full guard, showing some

solid defense. Pague tries to return some damage, but Camus is

owning this round. Too bad the crowd isn’t pleased as boos bring an

end to the round.

10-9 Camus

Round 1 – Both guys come out of the gate on some serious

caffeine with Pague throwing an early spinning back first, but

missing. Camus lands an early jab, grabs a misplaced kick and takes

Pague to the canvas. Pague takes over from there placing a triangle

on Camus and landing some heavy elbows. Camus may be on top, but

he’s facing serious danger. After spending half the round in this

spot, Pague loses the triangle and Camus returns the favor with

some punches and elbows of his own. Pague rolls to a shoulder lock

but fails on two attempts. Camus cuts Pague witha nasty elbow and

now we have to wonder how exhausted each guy will be headed into

round 2.

10-9 Pague

Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1 – With Arianny’s walk, UFC 150 is officially on.

Lentz brings the aggression early putting Mitsuoka in a early

headlock. Mitsuoka keeps attempting to shoot for a leg, but Lentz’

sprawl is on point. Lentz takes Mitsuoka’s back and is dominating

the round. On the ground, Lentz exhibits some solid grappling and

it’s all Mitsuoka can do to simply mitigate damage. Welcome to the

Lentz show. 4/4 on takedowns and some pounding to the face late in

the round is all Nik needed to make the ref step in.

Winner: Lentz via TKO (1st Round – 3:45)

Preliminary Card:

Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Nik Lentz

Chico Camus vs. Dustin Pague

Erik Perez vs. Ken Stone

Michael Kuiper vs. Jared Hamman

Tommy Hayden vs. Dennis Bermudez

Main Card:

Max Holloway vs. Justin Lawrence

Buddy Roberts vs. Yushin Okami

Ed Herman vs. Jake Shields

Melvin Guillard vs. Donald Cerrone

Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson