TUF alum holds Ian McCall indirectly responsible for Shane Del Rosario’s death

UFC flyweight Ian McCall was roommate's with late UFC heavyweight Shane Del Rosario.

A former Ultimate Fighter castmate had some extremely incendiary things to say about UFC fighter Ian McCall and his role in the death of late UFC heavyweight Shane Del Rosario.

Rob Emerson, who called himself Shane Del Rosario’s "best friend," told MMA Junkie that he holds McCall, Del Rosario’s roommate, indirectly responsible for Del Rosario’s tragic death in December.

"It’s a very personal thing I have against him," said Emerson, a former UFC fighter who now competes for Bellator. "I hold him responsible for a lot of the stuff that happened with Shane indirectly. And he knows it."

Emerson did not elaborate on that statement. On the MMA forum The Underground, McCall said he would not address the serious accusations.

I hold him responsible for a lot of the stuff that happened with Shane indirectly.

-Rob Emerson on Ian McCall

"I’m just gonna ignore this i have better things to do, right now i’m in hilo training with bj [Penn] focusing on positive things," McCall wrote.

Emerson and McCall were once friends, but now appear to dislike each other a great deal. McCall tweeted in July that he caught his wife cheating on him with Emerson.

Emerson told Junkie that McCall "knows I don’t like him." He said one of the reasons he has recently dropped down to bantamweight is because he’s interested in a possible fight with McCall, a flyweight.

"That kid won’t fight me," Emerson said. "I’ll end his career. … I have a deep-seated passion. Highly dislike that kid."

Del Rosario, 30, died Dec. 9 after suffering cardiac arrest Nov. 26. McCall found him at home after the cardiac arrest and Del Rosario was immediately rushed to the hospital.

A drug toxicology screen done at the time of his death showed he had recently used cocaine and opiates. The immediate cause of death, though, was natural causes, including Long QT syndrome, a rare heart disorder. Cocaine, opiates and THC were "significant conditions contributing to his death," but not the direct cause.

McCall has detailed his problems with drugs in the past.