Triple H says WWE interested in bringing over Conor McGregor

Triple H says Conor McGregor could cross over to the WWE, saying the two-weight world champion “has it all”.

A legend during his own career for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Paul Levesque aka Triple H, sees an opening for UFC champion Conor McGregor if he wanted one. Levesque, who was in attendance for McGregor’s history making night at UFC 205, spoke afterwards and said that McGregor has all the tools to make the jump to the WWE.

When asked about the possibility of McGregor coming over to the WWE, Levesque said McGregor’s “got it all. He’s got the personality, the skills, and the talk. He’s an entertainer for sure.” Even if he was to just make an appearance at a WWE event, McGregor would more than likely steal the show, as the case has been through his last several press conferences.

There’s already something there in the form of a storyline if McGregor and the WWE were to come together. Earlier this year, the UFC champion went on a rant and called out the superstars on the WWE roster, which didn’t sit very well and was met with several responses.

Levesque also said that McGregor could come in like Floyd Mayweather did in 2008 when he was matched up against The Big Show and delivered a knockout at Wrestlemania XXIV.

McGregor became the first ever, two-weight world champion in the UFC after he defeated lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez by knockout in the second round inside Madison Square Garden. The finish for McGregor made him both the featherweight and lightweight champion, and also led him to say he would like equity in the UFC following their $4.2 billion sale.

Following his win over Alvarez, McGregor spoke in his post-fight press conference about not only wanting equity in the UFC, but also wanting a meeting with the owners. McGregor made it known that someone in the new ownership group has to talk with the champion before he decides his next move with the UFC.

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