Travis Browne suffers broken hand, ribs and nose during fight with Werdum

Travis Browne worse for the wear after a five round loss to Fabricio Werdum on Saturday 

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Travis Browne will be the walking wounded for the next few weeks after suffering a litany of injuries in his fight this past weekend against Fabricio Werdum at FOX UFC Saturday in Orlando.

UFC president Dana White revealed at the post fight press conference the night of the fights that Browne definitely suffered a broken hand in the bout and may have also broken a rib early on, which could help explain the heavyweight’s depleted gas tank after the first round.

Ricky Lundell, one of Browne’s coaches, confirmed the injuries on Sunday via Twitter along with a few other details including an x-ray scan of a broken left hand.

In addition to the broken hand, Browne also suffered broken ribs, which did happen in the first round of the fight against Werdum.  Broken ribs would definitely explain the conditioning issue Browne seemed to suffer after a solid start in his bout against the Brazilian submission specialist.

Browne also suffered dislocated bones in his foot during the fight, and when the night was over he received stitches for several wounds opened up by Werdum over the course of five rounds in the Octagon.

The Florida commission also confirmed that Browne was medically suspended following the bout for 90-days while revealing he also suffered a broken nose during the fight.

All told, Browne will have to take plenty of time to heal after a serious war with Werdum in the Octagon Saturday night.