TJ Dillashaw: Barao is too big and slow for bantamweight

UFC champ TJ Dillashaw (R) believes Renan Barao (L) will be too slow when they rematch at UFC 186.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw isn’t just confident that he’ll beat former title-holder Renan Barao in their rematch at UFC 186, he thinks that the Brazilian isn’t fit to even fight at 135 pounds anymore. Dillashaw dominated Barao at UFC 173, and finished him in the fifth round to win the world title.

Before they were set to meet in a rushed automatic rematch at UFC 177, Barao collapsed while attempting to make weight, and was unable to compete. Dillashaw believes that the former champ is simply too large and slow to compete against him at bantamweight.

"[Barap] didn’t look good against Gagnon [in December]," Dillashaw said during a recent MMA Hour interview.

"Him missing weight [at UFC 177] was completely unprofessional. I think he’s too big for the weight class in general.

"I think he’s too slow for the weight class. I’m going to prove that again. He feels like a step behind. Gagnon could’ve won the fight if he wouldn’t have gassed himself out. Gagnon looked faster than him. I feel like it’s just going to take a toll on him with how much weight he’s cutting and how long his camp is going to have to be for cutting weight. For me, I don’t have to start cutting weight until a week out."

Overall, Dillashaw admits to simply being tired of Barao, after preparing for him during his last three consecutive training camps. The Team Alpha Male is intent on dominating his rival again, and disposing of him faster than before.

"I can’t wait to show everyone. He talked a little crap after his fight, so I’m going to give him an ass whooping, man," he said.

I’m going to bring it to him. It’s going to be a lot faster of a finish than the first time. I’m not going to wait around to the fifth round to put him away."

I think he’s too slow for the weight class