Tim Boetsch stops Josh Samman inside two rounds at UFC Fight Night

Tim Boetsch snapped a three-fight losing streak with an impressive second-round TKO victory over Josh Samman on Wednesday night in Sioux Falls, S.D. "I feel like I’m just coming into my prime," the 35-year-old said afterward.

"I’m ready to make a run!"

He made a convincing case for himself. Early on, it was Samman who initiated the clinch.

But Boetsch scored the first takedown and put Samman on his back against the cage. Samman worked his way back up, however, and took Boetsch’s back, standing.

When Boetsch defended the choke, Samman returned to his feet and pressed "The Barbarian" against the cage.

In Round Two, Samman threw a head kick but then Boetsch caught a second one and scored a takedown. From there, he worked on top inside the half-guard for a Kimura shoulder lock.

He didn’t get the submission but did pin Samman against the cage and began to tee off with punches. Then, he took Samman’s back, forced him face down and punched him until the referee stopped the bout.

"[Coach] Marcus [Davis] and I have been training to get him in that position," he said.

"I thought I could get him there. I knew if I could get him against the cage, I should be able to finish the fight, there."

The end came at 3:49 of the second round. The fight brings Boetsch’s record to 19-10 and dips Samman’s to 12-4.