Thiago Santos lands highlight reel wheel kick to finish Jack Marshman

Thiago Santos always seems to be gunning for the knockout and on Sunday night in Halifax he added Jack Marshman as the latest victim on his resume.

Santos is dangerous everywhere when he’s striking with an opponent, but he’s particularly deadly with his kicks and that’s exactly how he finished his latest win inside the Octagon.

Santos had to endure an early scare from Marshman, who connected with a flush counter shot in the first round that dropped the Brazilian to the mat.

To his credit, Santos quickly recovered and got back to his feet, but clearly suffered no ill-effects from the shot when he came out in the second round.

While he mixed in a takedown in round one, Santos was more than willing to stand and trade in the second and that’s when he uncorked a wheel kick that absolutely caught Marshman off guard.

As Santos unleashed the kick, Marshman grimaced as if he knew he was about to get blasted and a second later the heel connected with his head.

Marshman crumbled to the mat, but didn’t get knocked out completely so Santos followed him to the ground to land a few more shots. While Marshman was grabbing for guard to defend himself, Santos cracked him with two or three more shots that just ricocheted off his head and that was enough for the referee to stop the fight.

The end came at 2:21 into the second round.

Santos now adds another highlight to his resume while accounting for his fourth knockout in the UFC as a result of his formidable kicking game.