There’s Only One: Conor McGregor featured in new music video

Conor McGregor has earned the nickname of "Mystic Mac" for the way he correctly predicts so many of his wins far in advance. The brash superstar did so again last month in the main event of UFC 194 when he knocked out long-time 145-pound champ Jose Aldo.

So did singer-songwriter King Daniel, who months before wrote about a dream he had where he saw McGregor beating Aldo with a "left, straight down the pipe."

"I saw a fight, in a dream the other day — I saw a man who never lost, get blown away — with the left straight down the pipe, I saw who won the fight — McGregor proved his might — There’s only one," the spirited folk song (above) goes.

McGregor’s exploits are featured prominently in the song’s new music video. If you’re in the mood for great fight action set to a stirring rhythm and beat, you’re in luck.

Check out McGregor in the music video for "There’s Only One," by King Daniel, above. Then, good luck getting it out of your head the rest of the day.