The Great MMA Debate podcast is here


target="_blank">The Great MMA Debate debuts on Fox Sports

looking ahead at this Wednesday’s


target="_blank">UFC Fight Night with guests including main

event fighter Jake Shields as well as top 10 bantamweight TJ


Jake Shields will drop in to preview his fight against Demian

Maia, and tell us why he not only wants this fight to go to the

ground but he welcomes the challenge against one of the best

submission grapplers on the planet.

Also on the show, TJ Dillashaw looks ahead at his fight against

Raphael Assuncao, and how this matchup gives him a chance to rocket

into the top five of the division.

Finally on today’s podcast we preview and debate the upcoming

UFC Fight Night card from Brazil with topics including:

Who is in the biggest must win situation at UFC Fight Night?

Are Jake Shields and Demian Maia the two best grapplers who have

adapted to MMA?


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