Thales Leites slams home 2nd straight KO with win over Francis Carmont

A slow paced first round gave way to a rapid fire finish in the second as Thales Leites picked up his fourth win in a row since returning to the UFC by knocking out Francis Carmont.

A former title challenger at 185-pounds, Leites left the UFC for a few years after a couple of uninspired performances but he was able to earn his way back with three wins in a row in regional promotions and since returning he’s been nothing short of spectacular.

Leites, who is known best as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, has worked on his hands tirelessly with former UFC fighter Pedro Rizzo and the results are paying off.   Leites had never won by knockout or TKO in the UFC prior to his last fight against Trevor Smith, but now he can add Carmont’s name to his hit list as well after Saturday night.

While his corner was calling for a takedown, Leites came out in the second round and immediately pressed Carmont against the cage with a heavy barrage of strikes.  The first right hand slipped through and caught Carmont on the chin.  Once he had him hurt, Leites followed up and eventually slammed a right uppercut through his opponent’s defense and as he fell face first to the mat, it was clear this fight was over.

"This is a new Thales," Leites said after his second straight knockout win. "I just put it in my mind go forward."

Leites has looked better than ever since coming back to the UFC last year and he certainly injects a veteran spirit into a very deep middleweight division.  Unfortunately the loss drops Carmont to 0-3 in the UFC over his last three fights and he could be starting at an exit from the promotion depending on how he’s evaluated following his bout on Saturday.