UFC Fight Night Live Blog Recap: Teixeira chokes Saint Preux out cold

After consecutive decision losses, former 205-pound title challenger Glover Teixeira got back in the win column with a third-round submission win over Ovince Saint Preux in the main event of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night in Nashville.

In the first round, OSP hurt Teixeira badly with strikes, but the Brazilian hung on and managed to control the rest of the fight with his takedowns and ground ability.

In the third round, Saint Preux gave up his back on the ground for the final time and Teixeira sunk in a rear-naked choke. OSP refused to tap out in front of his hometown crowd, and went out cold, prompting the referee to stop the fight.

"I’m back," Teixeira said afterwards.

"[UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel] Cormier, I’m coming for you, baby! I’m on the right track!"

Read on for the full, blow-by-blow account of the UFC Nashville main event and the rest of the FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports 1 undercard bouts!

Glover Teixeira (22-4) vs. Ovince Saint Preux (18-6)

Round 1

Teixeira shoots in and scores a takedown against the cage right away. Very impressive, especially considering how much trouble top wrestler Patrick Cummins had doing so. Still, OSP gets up fast.

OSP hits Glover to the body and hurts him! Glover falls and OSP follows up with elbows and punches to the former world title challenger!

Glover gets up but he’s bloodied. The Brazilian hits a single leg takedown and he’s in the mount!

OSP gives up his back then goes back to mount. Teixeira in full mount with three minutes left in the first round.

He lands punches and elbows but is concentrating on maintaining the position. OSP gives up the back again, Glover adjusts and takes advantage of the position.

OSP forces once of Glover’s hooks out and then gets to his feet! Teixeira presses OSP against the cage with two minutes left in the round.

"OSP!" chants get going for the former Tennessee Volunteer, Saint Preux. Glover scores his third takedown of the round and goes back to mount, and then the back mount with about a minute and a half left.

OSP turns and gets on top, inside the half guard! OSP looking to pass and then set up a Von Flue choke! Glover defends, escapes and stands up with less than 30 seconds left.

OSP shoots in for a single-leg takedown but it is defended. Nice job mixing it up and giving Glover something else to think about.

The round ends with Glover swinging and missing with two hooks.

Round 2

OSP lands a body kick and then uppercut punch to the head. Glover wings more wide punches but OSP circles out.

Teixeira nabs another takedown but OSP gets back to his feet. Glover lands a good body punch.

Glover walks OSP down against the cage, shoots in, lifts OSP up into the air and takes him down to the mat. Glover is on top, against the cage, in half guard.

After sticking the position, Glover throws a couple punches. He knows what a scramble threat his younger opponent is, however, and so the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt is smartly concentrating on maintaining top position with his pressure.

OSP goes for a deep half guard in order to try to sweep Glover. The referee ignorantly says "Let’s work," in a moment where the defending fighter just took a huge risk, and moments before Glover unleashed a lot of elbows.

Glover has landed about 20 unanswered straight strikes on the ground, but OSP continues to work to his feet.

He does with less than 30 seconds left in the round. OSP lets go of a flurry of shots with 10 seconds left in the round!

Round 3

Both men shoot for takedowns, neither gets it. Glover lands a big straight to the chest of OSP.

OSP is clearly tired and allows Glover to walk him down against the cage, again. He eats another punch for it.

OSP shot in deep for a takedown, Glover defended and then scored his own takedown. Glover is on top, inside half guard, again.

Glover peppers OSP with strikes from on top. Teixeira gets the mount once more, with over 2:30 left in the round.

Glover lands big elbows from on top, forces OSP to turn his back again. Glover snatches the rear-naked choke in transition.

OSP refuses to tap out and he goes out cold. The referee is right on top of the action, recognizes it and does a great job of stopping the bout.

Official Decision:

Teixeira wins by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 of the third round.

Michael Johnson (17-8) vs. Beneil Dariush (11-1)

Round 1

Dariush fakes a takedown from far away but Johnson easily gets out of the way and doesn’t bite on it. 

Dariush lands his right lead jab crisply to the face of Johnson. Dariush also connecting with good leg kicks.

Johnson has landed several inside leg kicks of his own. Johnson has fired off the one-two punch combo to the head a couple times but has yet to connect well with it.

Dariush changes levels a couple more times but doesn’t get close. Johnson lands a big punch counter that hurts Dariush.

Johnson follows up with more and lands that one-two to the chin. Dariush had a scare but he survives the round.

Round 2

Dariush tries to fly through the jab of Johnson with a leaping knee to the body. Dariush lands a flying knee to the face, but somehow Johnson immediately counters with a cross to the face!

Dariush lands a hard left body kick but then eats another cross. Johnson lands two more and Dariush shoots and gets stuffed.

Dariush lands another kick, followed by a jab. Johnson lands a lead hook to the face and Dariush tries and does not get another takedown attempt.

Johnson lands an overhand right the head that hurts Dariush, with less than a minute left in the round. Dariush gets in deep on a takedown attempt but Johnson sprawls and peels away his hands.

Round 3

Johnson continues to bounce around and move laterally quite well at the start of this round. Dariush shoots again and gets sprawled on once more.

Dariush leads with another leaping knee strike, but this one does not land. Dariush lands an uppercut punch. 

Dariush lands another jab and then Johnson blocks a head kick attempt. Dariush getting smoother on his feet as the fight wears on.

He lands a good punch combo and then lands a flying knee to the head. Johnson is quick to counter with a punch once more, however.

Johnson lands two more long punches to the head. Dariush lands the jab, then tries another flying knee and is once again countered with a cross.

Being on one foot when you eat a big shot like that is a good way to get knocked out. Still, it’s landed several times for Dariush.

His jab has landed much more, however, and he lands two more before the fight ends.

Official Decision:

Dariush wins what is sure to be a hotly contested split decision win with scores of 29-28 (twice), and 28-29. The crowd boos but they also chanted "USA!" throughout the fight in favor of Johnson even though both men are American, so take their opinion with a grain of salt. Or, dismiss it altogether. Either way works.

Derek Brunson (13-3) vs. Sam Alvey (25-6-1)

Round 1

Brunson closes the distance with a big overhand left punch to the head that glances. Brunson presses Alvey against the cage, looking for a takedown.

Brunson scoring with punches to the head and body, from inside the clinch. Brunson lands some nasty uppercuts to the head as Alvey tries to control him with a Thai plum clinch.

Alvey lands a hard knee to the body from the over-under clinch. And then he lands another, but Brunson lands huge punches on separation that hurt Alvey!

Brunson firing recklessly and hurting Alvey. Alvey falls to the mat face first, and the fight is stopped. 

Good stoppage. You can’t expect the fight to be continued when you get hit and turn away and fall to the mat face first. Of course, Alvey is tough enough to continue fighting.

The ref is there to protect him from his own toughness, in this case.

Official Decision:

Derek Brunson defeats Sam Alvey via TKO at the 2:39 mark of the first round. 

Jared Rosholt (12-2) vs. Timothy Johnson (9-1)

Round 1

Rosholt presses Johnson against the cage, early, looking for the takedown. Johnson uses some good leverage to briefly reverse positions.

He gets back there and gets Rosholt down! Rosholt pops back to his feet, however, though he is pressed against the cage.

Rosholt nabs a front headlock, with his back to the cage. He doesn’t have much space to go anywhere with a head drag, and he certainly wouldn’t have space to angle his hips out to finish a guillotine on his back.

The referee annoyingly helps Rosholt get off the fence by separating the two fighters and telling the wrestlers to get back to brawling with strikes.

Predictably, however, they get right back into grappling. Rosholt shoots in, scores the double-leg takedown, and goes into mount.

Rosholt locks up a choke attempt but Johnson frees an arm and locks up an invisible half guard but can’t get free, and Rosholt presses him against the fence and regains a solid side mount.

Rosholt lands some short elbows from on top and the round ends.

Round 2

Johnson swings big with punches and Rosholt returns fire with his own. Rosholt presses Johnson against the cage.

Rosholt overextends on a strike in the clinch, and Johnson clinches up, almost taking his back. Rosholt presses him backwards again, but then eats an uppercut.

Rosholt goes for a trip but doesn’t get it. Johnson scores his second takedown, with a body lock.

Johnson doesn’t maintain pressure on top, however, and Rosholt gets on top. Rosholt is on top, inside the half guard.

Rosholt pins Johnson’s left arm trapped with his right knee and works for an Americana shoulder lock on the right arm of Johnson with under a minute left.

Johnson gets free from the hold and unsuccessfully tries to use his right arm to get an underhook on Rosholt’s left side.

Round 3

Rosholt grabs a double-leg takedown after Johnson commits to a front headlock. Rosholt moves to mount, against the cage but Johnson turns and works for a Kimura shoulder lock.

Rosholt pulls out but Johnson uses that space to stand up. Literally about one second after they reach this position, on their feet against the cage, the referee warns them to "work" lest he separate them.

As they battle for underhooks and exchange punches, they are separated. As a result, action was stopped in exchange for a few awkward moments of inaction as the two grapplers stand and stare at one another from the distance the referee placed them in, before firing some shots and engaging in another clinch.

Rosholt presses Johnson against the cage with a little more than a minute left. Rosholt lets up on pressure and Johnson reverses positions, against the cage.

Rosholt presses him again and Johnson lands a big punch that hurts Rosholt. He follows up and lands two more wide, nasty hooks that wobble Rosholt!

Johnson follows up with a takedown and the fight ends with him nearly finishing the fight but likely still poised to lose a decision.

If only our fight scoring system actually rewarded those who come close to truly winning a fight. Alas, it does not.

Official Decision:

Rosholt wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28.

Sara McMann (8-2) vs. Amanda Nunes (10-4)

Round 1

Nunes’ punches are really quick right off the bat. McMann firing back, though. 

McMann shoots for a takedown, has it defended, and then goes for a body lock takedown. Nunes stuffs that one as well.

Nunes misses with a spinning wheel kick. McMann uses that to take the Brazilian down, but Nunes gets back to her feet.

Nunes lands some right hands to the head on separation, and is free. Nunes lands a right hand, then another and drops McMann!

McMann is hurt badly and has her back taken. Nunes has both hooks in as McMann faces down and eats punch after punch.

McMann turns face up and Nunes works for the choke and gets it. Wow.

The replay shows that Nunes countered a leg kick with no set-up from McMann with the right cross. It landed flush on the jaw.

No idea how McMann didn’t go out cold from that. She’s got a helluva ability to take a punch.

Official Decision:

Nunes gets the submission win (rear naked choke) at 2:53 of the first round.

Ray Borg (8-1) vs. Geane Herrera (8-0)

Round 1

Borg shoots in right off and scores a big double leg takedown. Herrera wraps up his full guard but Borg immediately opens it up and works to pass.

Geane has some wiry guard retention skills. Borg goes high and passes.

Herrera recomposes a half guard. Borg locks on a front headlock to threaten with a choke.

Herrera reverses position and moves into an open half guard but Borg has a guillotine choke locked on. Herrera goes back to his back and works for a heel hook.

Borg punches him in the face and defends. Borg briefly threatens with an inside heel hook. 

Borg uses a Kimura shoulder lock grip to try and pass the guard. Borg on top, inside a half guard, fires down punches and elbows.

Borg passes to side mount with a little over a minute left. Borg moves to mount with under a minute left, and has an arm-triangle choke attempt locked up.

He moves to side mount to try and finish the choke but Herrera defends and moves him back to full guard. Herrera threatens with a triangle choke but Borg defends and finishes the round looking for the pass, again.

Round 2

Borg gets Herrera down again and works to pass the half guard. Borg using a front headlock to pass and moves into mount.

Borg has a guillotine choke locked on from the mount. It is tight, and Herrera’s face is red!

Herrera gets a knee in between him and his opponent and escapes the choke! Borg in side mount briefly but Herrera wraps up the half guard.

Borg goes right back to a front headlock to threaten the choke and work the pass. Herra gets his head free and shoots a triangle choke attempt up but it is quickly defended. 

Herrera briefly looks for an omoplata shoulder lock but Borg defends and begins to pass into the half guard. Herrera fires up a triangle choke.

This one gets closer than the other two attempts, but Borg defends and passes into side mount. Herrera gets caught in a D’Arce choke and then gets mounted.

Herrera immediately recomposes his guard, fully. Herrera fires up another triangle choke.

Round 3

Borg gets on top again, but Herrera slices his face near his left eye with an elbow. Borg passes to half guard but boy is his head opened up, badly.

The referee stops the fight to have the ringside doctor inspect the eye. The doctor allows him to continue.

Lil bit goes a long way with elbow strikes, people. They are effective in many ways.

Borg goes back to using a front headlock to try and pass. Herrera maintains his guard and recomposes to his full guard. 

Borg punching down into the guard and then begins to work his pass again. Herrera throws another left elbow to the head, from the bottom.

Herrera scores a sweep and then is forced onto his back again but locks on a reverse triangle choke! Borg defends and passes to side mount without the head and arm trapped.

Borg complains that he is getting kneed to the head, while on the ground. That’s going to happen when the guy on bottom is shooting for reverse triangles.

Borg on top inside half guard with under a minute left. He goes to the well with the front headlock once more. 

He does pass and he is looking for an arm-in choke. Herrera gets on top, gets caught in a guillotine and goes back to his own back to defend it.

The stats say that Borg has two submission attempts … He may, in fact, have attempted more than a dozen.

Stat guy/girl, time for you to learn what a submission is. There’s a useful fight promotion to watch to learn more about them. 

I believe it’s called the UFC. Check it out.

How game and skilled is Herrera, to fight so well against so good an opponent in his UFC debut? Borg is a nonstop grappling offense machine, however.

Official Decision:

Borg wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, all around.

Uriah Hall (11-5) vs. Oluwale Bamgbose (5-0)

Round 1

They meet in the center of the cage and clash, each landing overhand right strikes. Bamgbose drops to the mat after the debuting fighter trips on a leg kick and goes to work from inside the full guard.

Someone’s mouth guard just came out. It was Bamgbose.

He gets it back but not before Hall unleashes with punches. Hall continues with punches, against the cage, and knocks his former training partner around.

Hall gets the stoppage win. Tough first fight, and on short notice no less.

Hall wins for the second time in three fights so far in 2015.

Official Decision:

Hall wins by TKO (strikes from inside the full guard), at 2:31 of the first round.

Chris Camozzi (21-10) vs. Tom Watson (17-8)

Round 1

Watson keeps his pre-fight promises of aggression and storms in with hooks. Inside the clinch, both men trade knees to the legs and body. 

Camozzi does a good job of controlling the head and arms from there, but Watson gets free. Camozzi lands a four-punch combo to the head and then locks up a guillotine choke from the feet.

It’s tight and forces Watson to the ground! Watson escapes and gets back to his feet, however.

Camozzi blocks a head kick and then defends a takedown attempt against the cage. Once more, Camozzi takes control of the clinch and lands a knee. 

Watson responds with a hard elbow to the head. Camozzi lands with multiple jabs to the face and follows up with a left hook. 

Watson gets inside but Camozzi trips him from the Thai plum clinch. Camozzi works for a rear-naked choke.

He doesn’t get it but sticks the cross-side position. Watson gives his back up against the cage and Camozzi gets one hook.

Now the other hook is in and Camozzi looks for the choke with a minute and a half left.

Watson sits out, stands and escapes! They are back on their feet. 

Watson lands a hard right to the head. Watson kicks Camozzi in the nuts and the ref steps in to give him time.

The action restarts and Camozzi blocks another head kick attempt. Watson lands a two-three punch combo to the head.

Watson landing good leg kicks as well. Camozzi settles Watson down from the Thai plum clinch and finishes the round with a knee to the gut.

Round 2

Watson shoots for a single-leg takedown. He doesn’t get it but he presses Camozzi against the cage. 

Good use of his head from the clinch for Watson. An even better knee to the balls from the Brit.

Second low blow from Watson. Camozzi is on his knees at this point. Not sure what would warrant point-deduction if this doesn’t.

The referee tells Camozzi to "take care of yourself," and pressures him to continue fighting, without using much of his five minutes to recover. To his credit, the ref McCarthy deducts a point from Watson.

Good call from the veteran official. Watson lands a one-two punch combo to the head once the action re-starts.

Camozzi clearly felt that power and looks a little staggered. Watson fighting like a man down big on the scorecards which he probably is.

Camozzi plodding now, and looks a bit hurt. Still, he lands his good jab several more times. 

Watson lands a left hook to the jaw, half-way through the round. Camozzi lands a jab and eats a hook. Watson shoots from far away for a double leg takedown and Camozzi sprawls and defends.

Next, he locks up a guillotine choke and drags Watson to the ground. Watson defends, escapes and stands up once more.

He shoots in again, eats a couple knees to the body but has it defended. Watson throws a flying knee that lands big!

Camozzi changes levels to attempt a takedown. He doesn’t get it and eats several knees to the body before landing another jab to the face.

Camozzi with another good jab. And another. Camozzi gets taken down softly with 20 seconds left in the round but doesn’t sustain any damage off his back, it would appear.

Round 3

Watson lands a good punch combo to the head out of the gate. Camozzi clearly still very tired.

It’s going to be tough for him to keep the lead I assume he has on the cards, if he lets Watson come after him for this entire round.

Camozzi gets back with his jab and scores to the face. Watson lands another big punch but eats two more jabs to the face.

Camozzi circles away from Watson’s power and pumps his jab effectively. Watson lands a front kick to the gut and eats a cross to the head.

Camozzi lands another jab to the face. Watson clinches up but Camozzi gets free. Camozzi bleeding a bit from his face, but he lands a nice short elbow to the face and then scores a takedown.

Camozzi on top inside the half-guard. Watson gets back to his feet and lands several uppercuts to the head.

Camozzi lands another takedown, however. After a few short punches, Watson stands up.

Watson ends the fight getting kneed to the head but firing back with punches.

Official Decision:

Camozzi wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-27 (twice) and 30-26.

Dustin Ortiz (14-4) vs. Willie Gates (12-5)

Round 1

Ortiz bobs and weaves his way past strikes from Gates, and gets inside. Ortiz scores a single leg takedown, but Gates works up to his feet.

Ortiz drags him down to the mat, again, and tries to take his back. He does not, but is able to put Gates on his back, again. 

Gates does a great job of getting to his feet, framing on the face of Ortiz and gets free to the center of the cage. Ortiz proves dangerous there as well, however, with a counter right punch.

Ortiz lands a hard kick to Gates’ left leg. Ortiz follows up with another takedown and Ortiz goes right into the mount and an arm-triangle position.

Gates defends and escapes the choke but is still stuck on his back. Ortiz traps the head nicely to retain the mount, against the cage.

Ortiz fires short punches to the body and some left elbows to the head. Gates doing a decent job of breaking down Ortiz’ posture and preventing him from going on an all-our onslaught from the mount.

Round ends with Ortiz in mount. This is why rounds stink.

Round 2

Gates comes out kicking once more. Ortiz closes the distance but Gates defends the takedown and fires off knees to the body.

Ortiz shoots in once more, eats a knee and presses Gates against the cage. Gates defends another takedown attempt with a good whizzer and underhook.

Ortiz gets space and throws an elbow. Gates locks on a guillotine choke but Ortiz gets free.

Gates showing phenomenal takedown defense but he can’t get free and Ortiz is doing a great job with a stifling clinch. And, just like that, Ortiz’s hard work pays off (this is why you don’t separate fighters from the clinch; this shiz takes time) and he gets another takedown and once more goes right into mount.

Ortiz ties up Gates with his left hand and fires down a lot of punches and elbows with his right arm. Gates turns his back and Ortiz locks in a choke.

Gates defends well and Ortiz lets go of the choke. Ortiz back into mount with 10 seconds left.

Ortiz threatens with punches and an arm-triangle choke but the round ends once more in full mount.

Round 3

Ortiz lands a right body kick and then closes the distance against the cage, once again. Ortiz scores a double leg takedown and moves to side mount.

Ortiz lands a hard knee to the body, followed by big hammerfist punches which force Gates to turn his back. Ortiz doesn’t get the hooks in but has the far side arm killed with his left hand.

With his legs, Ortiz traps Gates’ other arm. Ortiz fires elbows to the side of the head from this crucifix position.

Gates eating elbow after elbow, and is not able to escape. Gates attempts to scramble up, and does, but gives up full mount. 

Ortiz fires punches until the referee stops the bout.

Official Decision:

Ortiz wins by TKO (ground strikes from the mount) at 2:58 of the third round.

Frankie Saenz (10-2) vs. Sirwan Kakai (12-2)

Round 1

Kakai’s excellent wrestling isn’t deterring Saenz from throwing good strikes, early on. He’s landed big body kicks, head punches and an inside leg kick.

Kakai landing his own outside leg kick, with authority, but eating most of the shots. Saenz gets to the Thai plum clinch and lands two hard knees to the body.

Kakai lands two sweeps in a row, and when Saenz stands up once, more, he eats a knee to the body. From there, Kakai works for and gets a double leg takedown against the cage.

The stats say Kakai has one takedown completed in four attempts thus far. Those stats are quite wrong. 

He’s landed three so far, and scores another quick one. Saenz keeps working up to his feet, however. 

Saenz once more lands the counter right hand to the head. His timing is solid with that.

Kakai has a good chin but he doesn’t want to take those all fight, long. Saenz hunting for more knees and a takedown as the round ends.

Round 2

Saenz looks for a takedown but Kakai stuffs him. Saenz pressuring him on the feet with strikes. 

Kakai is getting out of the way, but doing so by backing straight up, instead of angling-out, which is so important but difficult to do.

Kakai lands a nice left uppercut to the liver, and then a leg kick. Kakai accidentally pokes Saenz in the eye and referee Herb Dean stops the action for a moment to ask the wrestler if he can continue.

He can, and soon does. Saenz storms in with uppercuts but Kakai uses the close distance to take Saenz down again.

Saenz works to his feet and lands a big elbow to the head, on his feet. Kakai landing the left hook and angling out, well, now.

Round 3

Saenz scores the takedown, early in the final round. Kakai gives up his back while trying to give up.

Saenz takes the opportunity to lock up a rear naked choke. He’s in deep under the chin of Kakai but does not have his hooks in around the waist of Kakai.

Kakai gets up to his feet, threatens with a standing guillotine choke, before Saenz gets free and continues to pressure him against the cage. This has become a war of attrition, now.

Saenz swinging big ‘bows on separation. Kakai lands a body shot, Saenz responds with a right elbow to the head and a right knee to the body.

Saenz shoots for another takedown, doesn’t get it but comes up with another knee to the body. Kakai lands a kick to the lead leg but eats a cross to the face.

Saenz presses Kakai against the cage, looking for a takedown and missing with an elbow. Kakai reverses position and looks for his own takedown.

What a fight.

Close fight that could have gone either way. In the end, however, strange scores from two of the judges.

Official Decision:

Saenz wins a split decision with scores of 30-27 (twice), and 28-29.