Sudo goes from fighter to pop star

If you never got to experience a Genki Sudo fight while he was still competing, well that’s just a regret you’ll have to live with in shame for the rest of your life.

Sudo was known as one of the most colorful and unique performers in the history of mixed martial arts. His attacks in the cage would come from odd angles, and his stance during many of his fights could only be described as one of a kind. He would routinely win his fights and then hold up a banner with the flags from countries all over the world with a statement in the middle saying ‘We Are All One’.

Some of the highlights of his career accomplishments in the ring include a submission victory over Nate Marquardt, a 2-1 record in the UFC including a victory over former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown (his lone loss was to Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig in a fight many believe he should have been given the win), and a knockout victory over legendary jiu-jitsu practitioner Royler Gracie.

Following his 2006 submission win over former UFC fighter Damacio Page, Sudo officially announced his retirement from MMA. He retired with a 16-4-1 record overall, but fighting was just the start of Sudo’s entertainment career.

You see after he retired from fighting, Sudo decided to become a pop star in his home country of Japan. He now enjoys life as member of a Japanese boy band called World Order, for which Sudo helps write the songs as well as choreograph the dance routines in their music videos.

The latest of which was released this week called ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ and if you’re curious about his group’s popularity, the video on YouTube currently enjoys more than a million views since its release on October 6. Check out World Order and Sudo, who stands front and center leading the pop group on the newly released track and video.