Stefan Struve chokes out Daniel Omielanczuk for second straight win

Stefan Struve is best known for his kickboxing, but the seven-foot tall Dutchman also has a very underrated ground game and he showed it off on Saturday night in England.

Struve entered his fight with Daniel Omielanczuk as a heavy favorite after his origional opponent Ruslan Magomedov dropped out a few weeks ago due to injury.

Still, Struve had to be careful with his heavy handed opponent with Omielanczuk riding a three fight win streak into UFC 204 while looking to add a veteran heavyweight to his win column.

As the fight got underway, Struve did a good job using his massive reach advantage while keeping Omielanczuk on the end of his punches and kicks, but there were a couple of exchanges where he got cracked by a huge looping punch from his opponent.

Omielanczuk finally got inside late in the first round, but instead of opening up his offense with punches, he went for an ill advised takedown and ended up with Struve reversing the position.

Struve wasted no time taking the back and looking for the choke but Omielanczuk survived the round. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn from that mistake because he ended up in almost the exact same position after another takedown attempt in the second round.

This time, Struve didn’t take the back but instead locked on a D’arce choke and Omielanczuk tried his best to roll out of the submission, but he couldn’t wiggle free. As the hold tightened, Omielanczuk was forced to tap out as Struve picked up his second win in a row inside the Octagon.

Following the victory, Struve was critical of his performance after not following the game plan he had going into the fight, but he can’t be too disappointed considering he still got a dominant win in the end.

Struve is now looking for a top five opponent while reminding the UFC that he still holds a knockout win over Stipe Miocic — and he’s the only fighter to ever finish the current heavyweight champion