Silva jams to Jagged Edge

When is it OK for a guy to film himself lip-syncing R&B and

then post the video on YouTube? Almost never. Unless of course

you’re the greatest mixed martial arts fighter who ever

graced the planet.

Anderson Silva has already shown he can do whatever he wants in

the UFC’s Octagon. Now, he’s just owned the world of

social media, too.

Yes, the former UFC middleweight champion and pound-for-pound

king uploaded a video of himself mouthing the words to Jagged

Edge’s “Goodbye” on Tuesday. And why not?

Who’s going to tell him he can’t?

Silva, clad in a wifebeater and some sweat pants, appears to be

a natural, like the next coming of Milli Vanilli. Except his people

really did him a disservice. You’re saying one of the most

popular athletes in Brazil couldn’t have gotten a headphone

sponsorship out of this?

Silva, 37, should soon be starting training camp for his Dec. 28

title fight against Chris Weidman, the man who took his belt in

July after seven years. We think we just found his entrance


The at-times enigmatic warrior has already professed an interest

in doing Hollywood movies, which is why he’s been diligent in

brushing up on his English. Maybe he’s just looking to

diversify his post-UFC career.

target="_blank">Silva’s boy Usher would be proud.