Sanchez gunning for gold

In every UFC fight card that’s ever been made someone has to

come in as a larger than life favorite, and their opponent in turn

has to be rated as the biggest underdog facing insurmountable


With 18 fights in the UFC to his credit including his time as a

contender at both welterweight and lightweight, Diego Sanchez gets

the honor of having the greatest odds stacked against him


into this weekend at UFC 166.

Sanchez is a whopping +550 underdog in some sports books against

Melendez, who comes in as high as a -800 favorite depending on

where you look. It’s not the first time the former Ultimate Fighter

winner has been counted out before the fight even began, but

Sanchez knows the odds are just numbers.

They don’t control the fight, and they certainly don’t control

his preparation, which he believes has been flawless as he gets

ready for Melendez.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Sanchez told FOX Sports. “I’ve

been dealing with this my whole life whether it’s rankings, odds,

when they count me out it only makes me stronger. When they write

me off, I only go longer. With this fight, it’s all in the

training. As you get more experience and become a veteran of this

sport you realize, it all comes down to the training. It’s earned.

Victories are not deserved, victories are earned.”

Sanchez has been in this situation before against other top

notch competition and he still managed to come out on top. By his

own admission, however, Melendez will be rated as the biggest

favorite that he’s ever faced inside the Octagon.

That just means a win will go a lot further in this fight.

“The best example would probably have to be maybe Nick Diaz. I

was an underdog going into the Nick Diaz fight, he had just knocked

out Robbie Lawler, they counted me out in that,” Sanchez said.

“There’s been a lot of fights, but more or less this is the biggest

underdog I’ve ever been.”

Sanchez doesn’t care too much if he’s being counted out because

he knows a win on Saturday puts him right back in the position he

was gunning for when he made the decision to drop back down to

lightweight after a four fight run at welterweight.

He’s looking at Melendez as a fast track to the gold where he is

targeting a new champion by mid-December.

“I believe a dominant victory over Gilbert Melendez will put me

right back, knocking at the door for a title shot,” Sanchez said.

“Gilbert Melendez beat Josh Thomson, the guy who’s fight for the

belt twice. I believe Josh Thomson will defeat Anthony Pettis, and

Anthony will move down to featherweight.”

Whether Pettis or Thomson come out on top in their championship

fight in December, if he can’t land the winner, Sanchez is happy to

face another contender on his journey back to the belt.

“I feel it’s going to put me right at the door knocking for a

title shot. If not maybe a fight with TJ Grant after to establish a

No. 1 contender,” Sanchez said.

Odds or not, Sanchez is awfully confident that he can put

Melendez away in impressive fashion and remind everyone just why

he’s been a top contender in the UFC from the first day he stepped

into the Octagon.