Ryan Bader back in winner’s circle after demolition of Anthony Perosh

When Anthony Perosh found out the UFC was coming to his home

country, he made a plea to UFC brass, asking to fight Ryan Bader.

As fight requests go, it wasn’t exactly Georges St-Pierre

asking to fight Matt Hughes, in either magnitude or execution.

Perosh spent most of the night in a defensive shell, trying to

survive the onslaught of Bader. He was successful in surviving, but

not much else, as Bader mauled and mangled him on the way to a

lopsided unanimous decision.

The judges scored the UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot main

card bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-26.

“He’s freakin’ tough,” Bader said after

out-landing Perosh by a ridiculous 103-6 overall.

Every round had a similar theme, with Bader dominating once it

went to the ground.

He started off with a dominant first, out-landing Perosh 29-2

with nearly all of those power strikes. Early on in the round,

Bader scored with an uppercut that hurt Perosh, and he kept the

momentum throughout the entire round, scoring with rights and lefts

against the fence. By the end of the round, Perosh was cut from the


It was more of the same in the second, as Bader scored a

takedown just 40 seconds into the round and kept the top position

for the rest of the way, hammering Perosh with elbows and rights

and everything else at his disposal. Perosh, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu

black belt, was never able to threaten from the bottom.

Bader (15-5) came closest to finishing in the third, coming with

several barrages that had Perosh in trouble and bleeding from

multiple cuts. The tough Aussie hung on, if just barely. Afterward,

Bader said he hurt one of his hands early in the fight.

Perosh, who was coming off a 14-second knockout of Vinny

Magalhaes, is now 14-8.