Rousey would ‘bend over backwards’ for Gina Carano, but Dana White says no catchweight

Is the possibility of Rousey-Carano nearing?

UFC president Dana White has no interest in a catch weight bout between women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano, saying that any matchup between them would have to be for the 135-pound belt.

In a Wednesday luncheon in Los Angeles, Rousey reiterated that she’d be willing to make concessions for Carano that she wouldn’t for others. Namely, she’d go up in weight, something she has previously said she would not consider for former Strikeforce featherweight champ Cris Cyborg. But pressed on the issue of a sort of women’s superfight, White shot that possibility down. 

"This isn’t like an exhibition fight," he said. "As much as you [media] want to downplay it. Gina Carano wants to cut the weight and fight for a belt."

Carano hasn’t fought in nearly five years. It was August 2009 when she faced Cyborg, falling in a first-round TKO. Afterward, she began a Hollywood journey that has transformed her into an in-demand action star.

But in the last few months, word has slowly leaked out that she is interested in returning, and White was scheduled to meet with Carano at some point on Wednesday.

Rousey is hopeful of fighting in the late summer, during a break from her own film commitments.

Meanwhile, Carano, now 31, still has fights on her existing Zuffa contract, meaning the two sides would not necessarily have to come to terms on a new deal, though it’s not known if she would demand a renegotiated pact.

Either way, it seems that if she is brought into the UFC fold, she’ll head right to the front of the line, and Rousey said she would be more than willing to do whatever was necessary to accommodate the ground-breaking star. 

"She’s one of the pioneers of the sport," she said. "She’s the reason why I fight at all. I owe everything to her. I would bend over backwards to fight her. What am I going to do to her, make her run the gauntlet to fight me? I would show up at her house to fight her."