Ronda Rousey wants to have 57 of Fedor Emelianenko’€™s babies -€“ ‘it’€™s true’

The only thing stronger than Ronda's love for Fedor is Fedor's love for ice cream and striped sweaters.

Josh Hedges/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images

Maybe Ronda Rousey is the one who can lure Fedor Emelianenko out of retirement.

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion has not been shy – when is she ever? -€“ about her affinity for the Russian MMA legend. She reiterated Wednesday that she wants to have ‘€œ57 babies’€ with the former PRIDE and Strikeforce star.

"It’s true,"€ Rousey said with a laugh. "€œI think he’€™s married, though, so I’€™m out of luck."

Indeed, Emelianenko was reportedly married in 2009. Rousey, who was in Los Angeles at a media luncheon promoting her UFC 170 title fight with Sara McMann, said Emelianenko was the first MMA fighter she really saw in a highlight.

I will always be not-so-secretly in love with Fedor Emelianenko.

- Ronda Rousey

"€œIt just blew my mind,"€ Rousey said. "€œI was just like that is the most amazing thing I’€™ve ever seen in the world. That guy is so cool. He is my image of what MMA is supposed to be."€

And that quiet aggression. That chest hair. Those wonderful sweaters. What woman wouldn’€™t want a piece of Fedor?

"€œI will always be not-so-secretly in love with Fedor Emelianenko,"€ Rousey said.

Rousey said Emelianenko is the only top MMA fighter she has never met -€“ and for that she is mostly thankful.

"€œIf I did I would probably turn 19 shades of red and then faint and hope that he never read any of the comments I had about him,"€ she said. "I hope they didn’t translate any of that to Russian and send it your way."

I’m sorry, she said what about me?


The 26-year-old California also riffed on her post-fight exchange with Miesha Tate at UFC 168. After Rousey won via armbar in the third round, Tate went for a handshake. Rousey blew her off.

"€œShe wouldn’t have done that if it was just us in a gym alone," Rousey said. "€œThat was an action that was influenced by being watched. Me not shaking her hand was an action despite being watched."

Rousey said she’€™s still waiting for a private apology from Tate, one that she knows is not likely to come.

"She would never make any effort to make things right with me unless it was a public arena to make her look good," Rousey said.

As for hearing boos after that exchange, Rousey said she is cool with it. It all started with her confrontational attitude toward Tate on The Ultimate Fighter 18. She doesn’t mind playing the heel and mentioned Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson as famous athletes who were reviled by fans, but remain massively popular today.

"€œThe people that evoke so much emotions are the ones remembered and they’€™re not always positive emotions,"€ Rousey said.

She’€™ll be back in Las Vegas for UFC 170 on Feb. 22 and expects to hear the same jeers from fans.

"€œI’m expecting a lot of boos for awhile," Rousey said. "But whatever. Cheers don’€™t pay for my gas."