Ronda Rousey’s reaction to Miesha Tate’s win was typical Ronda Rousey

If losing her UFC title to Holly Holm was Ronda Rousey’s worst nightmare, watching Miesha Tate win it must’ve been a close second.

Rousey actually didn’t watch Tate snatch the belt from Holm on Saturday night at UFC 196, according to Dana White. The UFC boss said he texted her afterward with the result, and got a very Rousey-like response.

"Ronda wasn’t watching the fight. I text Ronda and she said ‘What happened?’" White said. "I said ‘Miesha just choked her unconscious’ and she said ‘Looks like I’ve got to get back to work.’"

This could be the best possible news for Rousey fans. White said Rousey will face Tate for the title in her return. Knowing that Tate, whom she hates and has beaten twice, is holding her belt may make Rousey return to action sooner rather than later. The earliest forecast for her return had been October, but filming on the two movies she’s cast in reportedly hasn’t been scheduled yet, so perhaps there’s still a chance of her returning to fight at UFC 200 in July.

Hey, we can always hope, right?

"She’s scheduled to not come back until October or November but it doesn’t mean I can’t ask," White said.