Ronda Rousey offers Cat Zingano rematch out of respect, says she feels bad for her

Ronda Rousey spent the weeks heading into Saturday’s fight with Cat Zingano showing respect for her, telling the world that Zingano couldn’t be intimidated so she wouldn’t even try.

"She’s the most well-rounded fighter that I’ve come across, and she has the best mentality of any opponent that I’ve come across yet," Rousey said earlier this month.

So after Rousey dismantled Zingano in 14 seconds Saturday at UFC 184, she knelt before her stunned opponent, hugged her and consoled her.

It was a stark contrast to the way she treated Miesha Tate after their most recent fight, when she refused to shake hands with her.

Asked if she felt bad for Zingano after beating her, Rousey paused, then said "Yeah."

Zingano’s had a hard couple years. She suffered a knee injury in 2013 that sidelined for for almost a year and a half, and cost her a shot at coaching on "The Ultimate Fighter" and fighting Rousey for the title that year. Then in 2014, her husband and trainer, Mauricio Zingano, committed suicide.

So what did Rousey tell Zingano after beating her?

"I said ‘I’m happy to do this again anytime,’ you know? It’s hard to feel like you tested yourself when something like that happens, so I think if we fought again it would be very, very different, just like when me and Miesha Tate fought again."

Zingano, still stunned when she was interviewed after the fight, said as much in her first words.

"I wanna do it again. I just … F**k."