No, Ronda Rousey doesn’t read your mean social media comments

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey has one of the largest social-media followings of any fighter in the world. These days, however, she says that she isn’t following many people back.

She told MMA Junkie, recently, that she’s tried to keep a lower profile, and that includes staying away from what is written about her on the web. "To be honest, I’ve been trying to disappear as much as possible," she revealed.

"I don’t look at articles, I don’t look at tags, I don’t look at comments. People on the Internet are mostly evil and I don’t want to accept any of that negativity."

Rousey has appeared on talk shows, and even hosted "Saturday Night Live," so she certainly has not stayed away from the harsh spotlight. Perhaps it still feels like an improvement to her after so many back-to-back fights, press tours and movie shoots, however.


Rousey still uses social media to communicate messages to her fans but said she doesn’t stick around to see the responses. Giving strangers access to your mind and life doesn’t usually end well, Rousey has learned.

"I just use social media to put information out there, but I really don’t use it to receive it because people are really cruel with that access," she explained.

"I don’t want to allow them that access to me anymore because they really take it for granted and they don’t look at you like a person, you’re an event to them. I don’t want to read people saying all the worst things they can imagine about me every single day. I just put what I have to put out there, out there and I don’t look at anything else."