Raquel Pennington dominates former housemate Roxanne Modafferi

Raquel Pennington wasn’t able to pull the trigger to make it to

the final fight on The Ultimate Fighter, but she didn’t have that

trouble against former housemate Roxanne Modafferi on Saturday

night in Las Vegas.

With a superior boxing game that included some huge power shots

landed in each round, Pennington was the more dominant fighter over

the course of all 15 minutes against Modafferi.

In the early going, Modafferi tried to set the pace with her

activity, constantly moving forward and pressing Pennington with

her punches and kicks. As the first round progressed, however,

Pennington started to counter and landed some power shots the last

of which rattled Modafferi just before the horn sounded to signify

the end of the five minute session.

Pennington’s stand up attack forced Modafferi to look for the

ground instead, but when her takedown didn’t land she ended up on

the bottom looking for submissions. Despite one armbar attempt,

Modafferi couldn’t find anything to put her opponent in danger, but

Pennington firing back from the top position slammed down like a

hammer time and time again. Pennington eventually got the fight

stood up again and with her timing spot on at this stage in the

fight started to pop Modafferi with more and more of her shots.

The third round saw more of the same as Pennington’s striking

forced Modafferi to try and drag the action to the mat, but again

she could only end up pulling guard and working from the bottom.

Pennington stayed patient on top and absolutely unloaded the bulk

of her punishing shots to Modafferi’s body. The fighters worked

back to the feet, but it was there that Pennington turned the

tables on Modafferi, grabbing a guillotine choke and lifting her

opponent into the air. Modafferi finally crashed back to the mat

with Pennington mounted on top with the guillotine still in


With only 10 seconds remaining, Modefferi’s face contorted with

a grimace of sheer determination to survive, but it was clear that

when the fight was over that Pennington had done enough to win.

The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 — all in

favor of Pennington, who gets her first UFC win.

Pennington (4-3) was favored to make it to the finals before she

came up short against Jessica Rakoczy during The Ultimate Fighter,

but she showed up in a big way against her former Team Tate

training partner on Saturday night. Modafferi (15-11) suffered her

sixth loss in a row with the defeat to Pennington, and that could

mark her only fight in the UFC after she competed for more than 10

years to get there.