Nick Diaz to brother Nate during presser: If Conor McGregor touches you, it’s on

On Thursday, UFC 196 headliners Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor nearly got into a fight on stage after a pre-event press conference. Turns out that Diaz and his brother Nick were wise enough to anticipate that some tension would boil over during a staredown photo op and planned for what to do if it happened.

Bending over while on stage to huddle with his brother Nick, below, immediately before squaring up with McGregor, Nate listened to the game plan.

"If he [expletive] even touches you, then it’s on," Nick can be heard telling his younger brother in the above video.

"Yeah," Nate replied.

Then, of course, Conor touched Nate. In fact, he punched him … well his wrist, at least.

Diaz took the wide stance that McGregor often does with opponents during these things, and — as McGregor also often does — put his hand near the Irishman’s face. Before long, McGregor had enough of that and threw a hook at Nate’s hand to swipe it away.

At that point, Diaz’s teammates rushed the stage to his defense and they and Nate were kept away from McGregor by UFC president Dana White and security workers. A lot of people say they’re ready to fight at any time, anywhere.

The Diaz brothers and their teammates actually are.