Nick Diaz rips Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley after UFC 209

Nick Diaz watched the events surrounding UFC 209, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t a fan.

The former UFC title contender has been rumored for a return to action for several months, but Diaz has yet to book his next appearance in the promotion.

Diaz said he actually approached middleweight champion Michael Bisping about booking a superfight between the two of them when he ran into him in New York, but the bout never came together.

Diaz took a shot at Bisping when speaking to TMZ after it was announced that he would be meeting Georges St-Pierre later this year with the middleweight title on the line.

“You want to know the truth right now? I talked to Michael Bisping already in New York about doing this fight,” Diaz revealed. “There’s more money for him if he takes the fight with me. We were talking about a catchweight fight, he’s talking about it like it’s going to be hard to make the weight. I’m like come on. It would be a non-title fight.

“After I whoop his ass, he still keeps the belt. So that’s more money, then you go fight GSP. Same with Georges. I’m just doing more numbers than he is, so you can do more money to fight me.”

Diaz has been attached to rumored fights against both Bisping and St-Pierre in the past. But obviously, he’s not getting either one of them in the foreseeable future now that they are matched up together.

While Diaz was clearly gunning for Bisping, one matchup he definitely doesn’t sound interested in taking is a fight against welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Before he could even be prompted for a question, Diaz took a shot at Woodley’s fight with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson last Saturday night, which ended in a majority decision for the reigning champion.

“Can you believe how [expletive] boring that was? That was a boring fight,” Diaz said about the main event at UFC 209. “I heard a lot of boos.”

Diaz also refutes Woodley’s repeated claim that he will go down as the greatest welterweight fighter in the history of the sport before taking another shot at the five-round fight with Thompson.

“No he ain’t,” Diaz said about Woodley being the best ever. “Did you see that fight?”

Woodley has actually stated in the past that Diaz was offered a chance to face him but turned it down. Perhaps this latest war of words could prompt a fight between the two. But as of now, Diaz hasn’t made any declaration about when he will return to the Octagon.