Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor separated after another heated, expletive-filled face-off

LAS VEGAS —  Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor faced off one final time on Friday ahead of their main event showdown at UFC 202.  

On the heels of their fiery press conference earlier in the week, security was out in full force as Diaz and McGregor hit the stage for the ceremonial weigh-ins and stare down after stepping onto the scale.

As soon as McGregor stepped off the scale, UFC president Dana White was poised to keep him separated from Diaz to ensure a riot didn’t ensue if the two fighters got too close.

But that didn’t stop the two rivals from immediately shouting back-and-forth at each other. The tension in the air was palpable, as a raucous crowd cheered and chanted inside the MGM Grand.

"He should have killed me when he had the chance because now I’m back!" McGregor shouted. "I’m going to kill you and you’re whole (expletive) team! You and them (expletive)."

Diaz, who was kept on the opposite side of the stage with his corner man Gilbert Melendez, had an equally strong message for his Saturday night opponent — as well as the Irish fans in attendance at the weigh-ins.

"He’s already dead from the last time. It’s kill or be killed again," Diaz said. "USA (expletive)."

Both Diaz (170.5) and McGregor (168) made weight earlier in the morning as part of the new weigh-in procedures adopted by the UFC this past June.

All of the other fighters from the UFC 202 card made weight earlier in the day as well, with the new weigh-in rules allowing them several extra hours to rehydrate their bodies before the competition the next day.

With the weigh-ins now official, UFC 202 is just 24 hours away as McGregor looks to avenge his loss to Diaz from this past March in the five-round main event.