MMA fighter passes out, gets sent back out by corner to finish bout

Junior Maranhao’s takeaway from Friday’s MMA in Cheyenne, Wyo., shouldn’t be that he lost his bid for a championship.

Rather, the Resurrection Fighting Alliance flyweight might want to remember this: He passed out and collapsed between the fourth and fifth rounds, but Maranhao’s corner sent him back out to finish the fight anyway — and the referee and ringside doctor were OK with this.

Fighting Matt Manzanares for the RFA flyweight championship, Maranhao was caught in a choke hold in the fourth round and barely escaped. He returned to his stool at the end of the round but toppled over and face-planted on the canvas after just a few seconds while being attended to by two cornermen.


The cornermen quickly got Maranhao back to his stool, at which point the bout likely should have been stopped. But as several MMA websites noted, neither the referee nor the doctor intervened. In fact, the doctor never even looked the fighter in the eyes, settling instead to ask one of the cornermen a couple of cursory questions before stepping out of the cage.

According to and Deadspin, the fight card was conducted under the supervision of the Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts.

The RFA later released a statement via Twitter . . .