MMA fighter breaks leg (GRAPHIC)

Sometimes you need a cosmic sign to tell you that something

isn’t meant for you. Other times, that truth comes in a snap. And

then there’s what happened to Panamanian fighter Frank Bloise, who

was struck by a combination of fate and bad luck within 15 seconds

of making his professional fighting debut.

The match happened in August 2012, but for some reason, video of

it didn’t surface until now, over a year later. Perhaps it’s

because it’s so graphic and gruesome the videographer didn’t want

to release it.

Bloise was attempting to fight off a takedown from opponent

Ludwing Salazar when the horrific moment happened, and well, we’ll

let you watch it with your own eyes. Just consider yourself warned.

You can’t unsee what you’ve already seen. And in case you’re

wondering, Bloise hasn’t fought since.