Fight Blog Recap: Frank Mir knocks Todd Duffee out in one

Former two-time heavyweight champion Frank Mir got it done again, Wednesday night, with a nasty KO win over Todd Duffee in the main event of UFC Fight Night. The two big men slugged it out for as long as the quick fight lasted and provided the most exciting bout of the night.

Read on for play-by-play of all the FOX Sports 1 bouts!

Frank Mir (17-9) vs. Todd Duffee (9-2) 

Round 1

Mir shakes his head and refuses the touch gloves during final referee instructions. We’re on, folks!

They both come out firing with punches. Mir tries a clinch but Duffee gets free.

Mir lands two big lefts and buckles the knees of Duffee! Duffee comes back and swings hard.

Mir lands another huge punch to the head! Another left for Mir!

Mir lands a knee to the head — Duffee has a brick for a head.

Duffee lands a jab that hurts Mir. Mir comes back with another left hand and knocks Duffee out, cold.

Duffee looped a very wide hook that Mir parried and then came back with the same hand for the KO punch.

Duffee is face first on the mat. He is still out. Mir ties for most all-time wins in the UFC, at 16.

Official Decision:

Mir wins at 1:13 of round one by KO (left punch).

Josh Thomson (20-7) vs. Tony Ferguson (19-3)

Round 1

Thomson gets a quick takedown but Ferguson rolls back up! Thomson goes to the body with a kick.

Thomson fires off a quick overhand right to the head, a right to the body, and another to the head, in succession. Thomson catches a lead leg kick and counters with a straight right.

Ferguson throws a flying knee but Thomson catches it and dumps him. Ferguson throws up a reverse triangle choke but Thomson defends.

"The Punk" working from the full guard of Ferguson with 30 seconds left. Ferguson shoots for an armbar but Thomson defends and lands some right punches, followed by a left elbow.

Round 2

Thomson switches stances and lands a straight left. Ferguson gets hit in the back of the head as he turned his back and began to attempt some type of spinning kick.

He rolls forward, and away, and gets to his feet. Ferguson drops Thomson and is all over him with punches from a crucifix!

Elbows and punches landing hard from on top from Ferguson. Thomson tries to get up but Ferguson drags him down. More elbows land for Ferguson.

Herb Dean stands Ferguson up for grabbing the fence to keep his top position. Very perceptive of the sharp Dean.

Thomson grabs a kick and lands an overhand-right punch to the head. Ferguson cuts Thomson with a big elbow.

Thomson ducks under a spinning back fist to score the takedown. Thomson falls right into a triangle choke and Ferguson elbows him badly.

Thomson is bleeding badly but works out of the triangle, but then back into another. Ferguson locks up a shoulder lock on the right arm of Thomson.

Ferguson uses it to sweep Thomson. Thomson is on all fours with 45 seconds left. Thomson rolls to his half guard then up to his feet.

Thomson fires back hard and lands big straights to the face!

Round 3

Flying right knee for Ferguson to the head. Thomson grabs it and eats a punch. 

Thomson gets free and stalks Ferguson. He’s bleeding badly but still chasing Ferguson.

Ferguson lands a left body kick and left jab to the head. They tie up hands above their head, pro wrasslin’ style and Ferguson lands an elbow, standing. 

Left knee to the body lands for Ferguson before Thomson changes levels for a takedown attempt. Hard left leg kick for Ferguson, then a hard right leg kick.

Ferguson bends Thomson over with a left kick to the body. Thomson stands tall, however, and continues to stalk Ferguson.

Ferguson now dancing around Thomson, looking for a spinning elbow strike. Good jab from Ferguson.

Thomson looks for a takedown, but Ferguson stops it. Ferguson lands a knee to the face after trying a kick.

Thomson drops bad and gets locked up in a D’Arce choke. Thomson defends and gets up and then eats an elbow and spinning back fist.

Thomson presses Ferguson against the cage, takes him down, Ferguson gets up but Thomson ends the fight with Ferguson’s back, and pressing him against the cage.

Official Decision:

Ferguson wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice), and 30-26.

Holly Holm (8-0) vs. Marion Reneau (6-1)

Round 1

Holm dictating the pace early. Not connecting on a ton but she is backing Marion up. Good right side kick from Holly lands to the body.

Holly pumping her lead right jab and then throws the right side kick after it. Reneau charges with punches but none of them land.

Reneau lands a right kick to the body. Nice roundhouse kick to the lead leg for Holly.

Marion responds with an inside leg kick.

Round 2

Holm lands a left foot to the head of Reneau in response to an inside leg kick. Big straight left from Holm lands on the face of Reneau.

Reneau lands a right knee to the body from the clinch, and Holly lands a left kick to the body on separation. Holm lands a combo to the head with her hands and finishes with a left body kick.

Right roundhouse from Marion lands to the body. Holm catches a kick from Marion but then eats a punch to the face.

Holm lifts Reneau in the air, Reneau then pulls guard before Holm drops the school teacher onto the mat without following her there.

Round 3

Lead side kick to the knee of Reneau from Holly. Holm’s corner wants her to go high with the kick, Reneau’s corner wants her to shoot for a takedown.

Reneau lands a jab to the face, Holm lands an uppercut and cross afterwards. Holm throws a combo, and Reneau gets tripped up and falls to the mat.

She gets up fast, however, and they are back in the center of the cage. Nice straight left counter punch to the head from Holm as a counter to a front body kick.

Marion gets the clinch and then jumps guard. Holm slams her but gets into trouble from a triangle choke attempt.

Holm stands up out of danger, however. Holly ends the fight with her best combos of the night!

Great straight punches and body kicks! Marion is hurt, and covers up.

Official Decision:

Holm gets the unanimous decision win with scores of 30-27, 30-26, 29-28.

Scott Jorgensen (15-10) vs. Manny Gamburyan (17-9)

Round 1

Gamburyan gets the takedown and then shoots for a guillotine choke. Jorgensen escapes but Gamburyan stays on top.

Jorgensen makes it to his feet. Gamburyan looks for another takedown. Jorgensen grabs the fence, but Gamburyan still scores it. Jorgensen gets up, grabs the fence again — the ref doesn’t see it.

Jorgensen presses Gamburyan against the cage and knees him low.

The referee stops the fight and gives Manny time to recover. They go back to the position, and Manny says he can take "whatever position he wants."

Boss. Jorgensen scores a double-leg takedown slam. Manny immediately reverses him, however.

He looks close to finishing Jorgensen but he gets up. Gamburyan drops Jorgensen with a right hand. 

He gets up. They duke it out until the horn. 

Round 2

They trade right hands to open the second round. Jorgensen gets a front headlock with Manny on his knees.

Manny gets, gets space and gets off the cage with big hooks. They miss but back Jorgensen up. Gamburyan works against the cage for a takedown.

He gets it, and working to pin Jorgensen down. Jorgensen works back up, however, and takes Gamburyan down. 

Gamburyan reverses and lands two elbows, against the cage, on top! They are up and Gamburyan ends the round with a big knee to the body.

Round 3

Gamburyan comes out with quick punches and kicks. He lands a staight left, and Jorgensen lands a straight right.

Gamburyan shoots in off of some left hands but Jorgensen stays free. Jorgensen looking tight and moving well, here.

He sprawls on a takedown attempt from Gamburyan, then looks for a front choke but Manny gets out. Manny lands a left punch to the head.

Gamburyan lands a big punch to the head and then drives Jorgensen against the cage, looking for another takedown. Jorgensen gets free and they swing on each other until the final horn.

Official Decision:

Gamburyan wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, all around.

Kevin Lee (10-1) vs. James Moontasri (8-2)

Round 1

The two lightweights exchange kick after kick, early. Lee probably lands the hardest ones of all, with right body kicks. Lee lands a nasty right to the head. 

The elusive double eye-poke happens and both men need a minute. Lee comes back with the body kick. 

Moontasri tries to trip him, can’t and then shoots a flying knee that is stuffed by a takedown attempt from Lee.

Lee gets behind James and lifts him up and slams him down to the mat with a suplex. From there, Lee takes Moontasri’s back and works for a short rear-naked choke. 

Lee gets the tap!

Official Decision:

Lee wins by rear-naked choke at 2:56 of the first round.

Alan Jouban (11-3) vs. Matt Dwyer (8-2)

Round 1

Jouban admitted to us that Dwyer uses his length well but the 6-foot-4 welterweight lands a short, not long, right hand to drop Jouban. Dwyer pulls guard, working for an arm-in guillotine choke, but Jouban defends and begins to work out of the full guard of Dwyer.

They both get back up and Jouban works for a trip from the clinch, and then misses with a right hand to the head. Jouban lands a left high kick to the head.

Jouban lands a series of hard straights and takes Dwyer down with a trip. While on one knee, Dwyer eats a full knee to the face, flush.

The ref steps in because of the illegal knee and takes away a point. Jouban gets right back to blasting Dwyer with punches and is rocking him against the fence before the round ends.

Round 2

Dwyer lands a left hook and right cross to the head of Jouban. Jouban rocks Dwyer with his own right.

Dwyer connects with a straight right down the middle, to the face. Jouban connects with a left kick to the body.

Another body kick for Jouban. Jouban goes high and connects with a left high kick to the head!

Jouban lands an overhand right to the head. Dwyer ducks under a straight left from Jouban and shoots for a takedown but Jouban defends it. 

Dwyer lands a front kick to the body and then gets pressed against the cage. Jouban comes over the top with an elbow to the head.

Jouban drops Dwyer! Dwyer gets up and they exchange stiff punches to the head. 

Both men are staggered but Jouban goes to the body and then head with punches. Left uppercut to the gut for Jouban.

Dwyer fires back, though! Jouban does a handstand over kick that lands flush to the neck to end the round!

Round 3

Jouban lands a kick to the lead leg. Jouban hurts Dwyer with a right and then lands another leg kick. 

Dwyer lands his own right hand. May be an eye poke, Kenny Florian says.

If so, the ref didn’t see it and they fight on. Jouban blocks a high kick.

Jouban may need a stoppage to avoid a draw after the first-round point deduction. He lands a body kick and blocks a head kick. 

Jouban’s left eye really bugging him from the punch or eye poke, previously mentioned. Jouban covers up to block a high kick and an elbow.

Jouban presses him backwards and lands an elbow and then takedown against the cage! Dwyer working a Kimura shoulder lock from half guard but Jouban defends and drills him with big punches!

Jouban stands and then tries another handstand kick that lands to the body. He ends the round and fight on his back.

Official Decision:

Alan Jouban gets a unanimous decision win with scores of 29-27, all around. That means that all judges scored the first round even, after a point deduction, even though he was dropped.

Sam Sicilia (14-5) vs. Yaotzin Meza (20-10)

Round 1

The fight gets to the ground, asap. Sicilia on top but he soon gets reversed.

Sicilia gets up to his feet and locks up a front choke. He then works for a guillotine choke from on top in half guard.

Meza gets out, however.

Sicilia maintains top position and lands some short elbows until the round runs out.

Round 2

Sicilia winging hard with punches. Meza ducks in under an overhand right and shoots for a takedown.

Sicilia uses a whizzer to defend, however, and they end up back in the center of the ring. Sicilia locks up a guillotine choke, but Meza defends and gets free.

Meza lands an inside leg kick and then misses with a head kick. Sicilia feinting hard, but his hands low.

Meza ducks under a left hook and presses Sicilia for a takedown against the cage. He gets it with under 20 seconds left. 

The round ends with Sicilia pinned on his back from half guard.

Round 3

Meza looking for the takedown and Sicilia locks in a guillotine choke. He doesn’t get the choke but he does get Meza on his back.

Meza working the z-guard and then gets his butterfly and full guard. Sicilia letting some left punches go and connects as he works to pass and considers a D’Arce choke.

Meza gets to his feet but Sicilia locks in another guillotine choke! Meza defends but gets taken down again.

Meza pinned against the fence, as he uses his butterfly, then half guard. Sicilia has Meza’s far-side underhooked and lands punches with his right hand.

Sicilia looks for another guillotine choke but Meza defends and stands again. Meza looks for a trip takedown, but doesn’t get it.

Sicilia gets a takedown but Meza locks in a guillotine choke! Sicilia gets out but Meza goes for an armbar on his back.

Sicilia survives and ends the fight on his back, sidemounted.

Official Decision:

Sicilia wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice), and 29-28.

Jessica Andrade (12-4) vs. Sarah Moras (4-2)

Round 1

Moras with an inside trip off the bat. Andrade defends, however, and hits her own hip toss.

Andrade stands on her way up she eats an up-kick. Moras lands a left hook but eats a straight to the chin.

Firefight in the center of the mat! Moras gets the worst of it and shoots in and gets stuffed.

Andrade thuds Moras’ head again with straight punches and Moras shoots again and doesn’t get it. Moras shoots in, gets stuffed but pulls guard nicely.

Moras overhooks the right arm of Andrade, and then switches to trying to control her posture and shoots an armbar up in the air.

They stand and Moras shoots again. She gets stuffed and hammered from her half guard. 

Andrade stands and lands an left hook but Andrade stuffs a takedown and begins elbowing and landing hammer fists from side mount. 

Moras gets a half guard but eats more fists and elbows before Andrade stands up. Andrade drops Moras with a kick to the body.

Round 2

Moras clinches up right away and gets hip-tossed. Andrade works into side mount as Moras goes for an invisible half guard. 

Moras gets up to her feet but gets slammed back to the mat. Andrade goes back to work from on top in the half.

Short elbows land in a flurry for Andrade. Moras works a half butterfly guard but gets passed to side mount again. 

Andrade moves to i-position and lands more punches. 

Round 3

Andrade goes to the body with a right punch and then scores another takedown. She lands in side mount, with under a minute gone by in the round. 

Moras turns to try and get half guard but Andrade slips away. Moras shoots up an armbar but it is defended. 

Andrade starts hammering with punches from on top in half guard. Moras gets to her knees and tries to work for a takedown but Andrade gets a front headlock position, before turning her onto her back and into half guard. 

Moras is opened up on her face. Blood everywhere. They stand up but Andrade gets the takedown, again. 

They stand and Moras locks on a standing front headlock but Andrade escapes. Andrade gets a hip toss but gives up her back!

Moras gets her back and locks up the rear naked choke while they stand! Moras gets under her chin but Andrade refuses to tap for 20 seconds and survives.

Official Decision:

Andrade wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27.

Rani Yahya (20-8) vs. Masanori Kanehara (24-11-5)

Round 1

Rani shoots out of the gate and he sticks top position against the cage. Kanehara is in some trouble as Rani locks out his right knee.

Kanehara works to his feet but Rani gets behind him with one hook and a body lock. Rani drags him to the ground, again, but Kanehara gets back up.

Once again, Rani gets a hook in. Kanehara gets free but Rani starts blasting him with overhand rights.

Rani shoots and scores the takedown again.

Round 2

Kanehara lands an uppercut to the body. Rani lands another overhand right but eats a cross. 

Kanehara shoots and scores with a takedown but Rani pulls a guillotine choke. Rani is pinned against the cage, however, so he doesn’t have the space to cut the angle he needs to finish.

Kanehara escapes and works in full guard. Kanehara pressuring well with his head against Rani’s chin, to keep him down and then to press him against the cage. 

They are stood up and Rahi gets to winging but he’s clearly tired. Some time is called because Kanehara gets hit in the nuts with a front kick. 

Rani gets another takedown and rides it out until the round ends.

Round 3

Kanehara drops Rani with a liver shot! Rani is on all fours and Kanehara killing his far arm and landing punches. 

Rani is pinned on his right side and in some trouble. He absorbs some real punishment. 

Rani obviously beat and Kanehara much fresher and pushing the pace and landing good shots. Rani survives to the final bell, however.

Official Decision: 

Rani Yahya wins a split decision with scores of 29-28

Igor Araujo (25-7) vs. Sean Strickland (15-1)

Round 1

Igor using left (his rear) kicks early, here. Mixing it up with roundhouses to the body and front kicks. Sean responds with straight punches to the head.

Sean lands some more, against the cage, and hurts Igor. Igor goes to the body with a straight punch and then kicks to the body.

Sean grabs the leg, however, and takes him down. Igor works for a sweep, almost gets it, but Sean maintains position.

Strickland postures up, landing big punches on top. Igor stands but is still pressed against the cage. 

Sean landing big elbows and uppercuts to the head. Igor drops, and eats a barrage more of punches before pulling into butterfly guard. 

He gets pinned against the cage again and absorbs many more punches off his back and then again from on all fours. Igor stands, lands a body kick and overhand right to the head.

Sean clinches and presses against the cage, again, before landing more knees and punches. Igor fights on, keeps swinging, unbelievable.

Round 2

Igor starts the round chasing Sean. He closes the distance and works for a takedown against the cage. 

Sean defends. Igor lands a head kick and then shoots for a takedown, but Sean defends once more, stands and presses Igor against the cage.

Sean lands to the head again with one-two combination. Igor chases him then taunts him.

Igor lands a body kick but it is caught again and he is taken down with just under two minutes left. Igor is controlling the posture well but Sean eventually stsnds up and rains down punches.

Sean back into closed full guard. Sean stands up out of the guard, again and shoots his hips in to jam Igor against the cage.

He leaps in with more punches but Igor uses his rangy open guard to keep him at bay until the horn.

Round 3

Igor comes out bouncing. Amazing that he’s stayed in this fight. 

Strickland scores the takedown and pins him against the cage, once more. At first, looks bad for Igor as he’s stuck in half guard.

He exits out, however, and stands up quickly. From there, he keeps some good distance and the two trade feints and periodic strikes.

As the round nears its end, Igor chases Sean again, blasting with punches and a body kick. Sean counters and the round ends.

Official Decision:

Scores are 30-27 (twice) and 30-26 for Sean Strickland.