Mind blowing new promo for UFC 165

Generally, UFC promo’s are pretty straight forward, no-frills


But every now and then, they throw a curveball at us…a

hilarious and unexpected curve ball.

Such is the case in the latest promo released on the

target="_blank">UFC’s youtube page for UFC 165: Jones vs.

Gustafsson. Things start off normally enough, but things quickly

get weird when Bruce Buffer’s head explodes out of nowhere.

It’s the fact that you really never see it coming until it’s too

late that makes this promo so enjoyable.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good explosion? If Gus Johnson’s

maniacal play-calling can mix with a bomb squad why can’t the UFC

give it a shot?

Bravo, UFC. A solid follow-up to Saturday,


Saturday (AKA the greatest fight promo of all time)!