Miesha Tate helps rescue 6-year old injured hiker on mountaintop


Miesha Tate can add mountaintop rescue to her list of career accomplishments after the UFC bantamweight helped carry a 6-year old girl to safety on Sunday.

Tate was hiking near Mary Jane Falls on Mount Charleston in Nevada when she came upon a family struggling to make it back down the mountain after their daughter broke her arm on the trail.

According to Tate, she saw the little girl's mother struggling to carry her daughter to safety through the miles of terrain so the former champion offered to help out. Tate ended up carrying the girl several miles down the mountain so she could receive medical treatment for the broken arm.

Tate documented the entire experience on her Facebook page on Sunday.

Kai — the 6-year old girl who Tate rescued — even sent the UFC fighter a thank you message after she helped carry her down the mountain alongside her family.

It's clear the girl's family was very grateful for Tate's assistance because the hike would have been tough enough but carrying the injured child would have made things even harder on them.

Tate is currently taking time off after suffering a loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 but it's clear she's still in tremendous condition ahead of her return to the Octagon in the near future.