Mickey Gall challenges Sage Northcutt to a hair vs. hair match

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Mickey Gall just mauled former WWE superstar CM Punk at UFC 203 and it appears he took a few lessons from the professional wrestler when it came to promoting his next fight.

Immediately after Gall beat Punk he called for a matchup against 20-year-old prospect Sage Northcutt.

With both fighters being discovered on Dana White’s reality series "Lookin’ for a Fight", Gall thought the matchup made perfect sense and it would be a very promotable bout for the UFC as well.

Northcutt was quick to respond and accept the challenge, although a staph infection will keep him sidelined past the proposed date at UFC 205 where Gall hoped to fight him in New York.

Now Gall is taking his call out one step further by suggesting that Northcutt faces him in a hair versus hair match with the loser cutting off their locks after the fight is over.

The suggestion stems from Gall’s original message to Northcutt when he said he wanted to knock the spikes out of his hair when they stepped into the Octagon together.

Northcutt isn’t exactly known for his trash talk, but he fired back recently saying that Gall had almost the same haircut as him except he needs to put some gel in it.

Conor McGregor’s title for trash talk king in the UFC is safe for another day, but regardless, the response earned the additional challenge from Gall to make the fight happen with even higher stakes this time around.

Hair versus hair matches aren’t all that common these days in professional wrestling but it’s hard to forget the iconic bout at WrestleMania 3 when the late great "Rowdy" Roddy Piper shaved the head of Adrian Adonis in the middle of the pay-per-view.

Whether or not that professional wrestling gimmick makes its way to the UFC is unknown but Gall is ready to put his hair on the line against Northcutt if they can finally make this matchup happen.