Michael Bisping unleashes a ruthless impression of Yoel Romero

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has been dabbling in acting when he’s away from the Octagon and it appears he’s also been working on his ability to impersonate other fighters as well.

On Wednesday night’s edition of “UFC Tonight”, Bisping played the role of No. 1 ranked middleweight contender Yoel Romero in a matchmaker segment to pick his next opponent.

Rather than make Romero call anybody out, Bisping went right for the jugular with his impersonation of the former Olympic silver medalist.

It’s safe to say, Romero won’t appreciate Bisping’s impression of him.

That being said, Bisping clearly doesn’t seem to care much how angry Romero might be with what he had to say while pretending to be the Cuban born title contender.

“I don’t care what Yoel likes. He’s a loser,” Bisping said. “We know that.”

As far as any real matchups for Romero while he’s waiting on the sidelines as Bisping prepares for a showdown with Georges St-Pierre later this year, the champion actually suggested a fight with Luke Rockhold as a possibility.

Rockhold has been rather vocal lately about his desire to earn a rematch with Bisping one day, but the champion likes the idea of him taking on Romero in the mean time.

“They can fight each other. Luke versus Yoel. Do it,” Bisping said.

Just to be even against his adversaries, Bisping did manage to also pull out a Rockhold impersonation during the same segment.